Kerala Sets An Example Of Humanity On The Roads

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Kerala Sets An Example Of Humanity On The Roads

What has Kerala done, that’s the question right? We all know what Indian roads are like right? Honking and always filled with crowds, frequent jams are a significant part of it. Disorganized would be the appropriate term to define it. In such mismanagement it becomes quite difficult for emergency vehicles to reach the spot of action which claims valuable time and lives of people.

Recently a footage has come up with something really motivating. In Kerala , its seen that an ambulance is making its way through dense traffic and other vehicles are moving away and helping it. Now most of the roads in Kerala have a single lane, and the entire traffic falls on it. Its quite a rare scene on the Indian roads. In the video its quite evident that the emergency vehicle is emitting loud sirens to alert people, the motorists basically, who are responding to it and moving away. The speed of the ambulance is expected to be around 60 km/h, though its not confirmed yet. This isn’t the first time though, the keralite have always been considerate and understanding and helped out ambulances in such cases.

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Kerala Sets An Example Of Humanity On The Roads
Kerala Sets An Example Of Humanity On The Roads

Emergency vehicles must be given utmost importance in such situations, and the rest of the country can take some lessons from the incident. At times, not only ambulance but also fire fighting vehicles become late due to this kind of traffic and road block issues, which causes a deal of tragedies, which could be contained if they won’t be late.

It is a good sign that the government has come up with “green corridors” yet again, which lets only ambulances carrying vital organs pass through them. 516 kms were covered by an ambulance in 7 hours, last year while transporting a vital organ in Kerala. Most of us might not know but there is a law which states that emergency vehicles should be given first priorities by the other drivers on road, failing which will cost them a fine of Rs. 10000. But due to lack of knowledge and awareness such rules stay confined to the pages of the constitution only.

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