Kawasaki is taking a step further in the safety department. They are filing patents for new radar assisted safety systems in Japan. By the look of the patent sketches, the Kawasaki Versys  1000 will be the first to feature this technology.

Kawasaki will bring Radar Assisted Safety Systems to their motorcycles

The idea behind this technology is already present in many production cars. A radar unit at the front will bounce its waves of objects and other vehicles in front of it. This helps the computer in calculating and maintaining a set distance from any vehicle in the front. Also, using radars in motorcycles will allow manufacturers to bring adaptive cruise control to motorcycles.

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Rear sensors, on the other hand, can warn the rider if a vehicle is too close or approaching too fast. This can alert the rider and also prevent mishaps. Rear radar is unique as even cars do not feature this system. These radar system will work together with other safety systems like ABS and traction control system.

Labels 61 and 62 show the radar mounts in the image below. The rear radar sensor finds its place in the tail light. The front radar appears to be placed below the front windscreen, between the twin headlamps.

Kawasaki will bring Radar Assisted Safety Systems to their motorcycles

Bosch is a well known company in the automobile world that makes safety equipment like ABS, traction control system, wheelie control, etc. So it is very likely that the same company may provide the radar based safety system. Other companies like Ducati and KTM are also working hard to bring such radar assisted safety systems to motorcycles.



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