If you’ve been planning to buy a Kawasaki this is a great time to get one because Anzen Kawasaki, a Kawasaki dealer from Mumbai is offering great discounts over a wide range of Kawasaki motorcycles.

These include motorcycles like Z900, Z650, Vulcan 650, Z900 RS, Ninja 300, and also both the KX 250 and KX 450. And if you were the one waiting for Z900RS and were put off by the insane pricing, Anzen Kawasaki, a dealer from Mumbai is offering benefits of Rs 2.5 on the cafe racer. The Z900Rs is priced at Rs 15.3 Lakhs, so with discounts, you can get it with an effective price of Rs 12.8 Lakhs.

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Kawasaki Dealer Offering Hefty Discounts Upto Rs 2.5 Lakhs!

Right now Anzen Kawasaki is the only one offering these discounts on the occasion of Holi festival. The sale will happen on 20th March between 7 pm and 12 am.

For other motorcycles, the benefits start from Rs 30000. On top of that, the dealer is also offering zero per cent finance and gift vouchers. You can also opt for official accessories for the discount money. Accessories like engine guard, tank pads, radiator guard etc. Even the KX250 and KX 450 are being offered for a discount of around 70,000. Vouchers worth of 41,000 on Z900, 48,000 on Ninja 1000 and 32,500 on Versys 650.

Kawasaki Dealer Offering Hefty Discounts Upto Rs 2.5 Lakhs!

The same dealer also did stock clearance sales last week with great discounts. The Ninja 300 also gets the discounts after being offered at Rs 62,000 cheaper than the previous model. Ninja 300 is the most selling Kawasaki in their whole range. It gets a parallel-twin 296cc engine which churns out 39ps of power and 27nm of torque.

These discounts and price reduction has helped Kawasaki to clock higher sales and growth. Kawasaki experienced growth of 675% as compared to February 2018. Not only the Ninja 300 even the litre class bikes are also attracting more customers.

Kawasaki Dealer Offering Hefty Discounts Upto Rs 2.5 Lakhs!

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