Kawasaki Dealer Demand Illegal Handling Charges From Customer

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Kawasaki Dealer Demand Illegal Handling Charges From Customer

While purchasing a two-wheeler or cars, there are important points which every buyer should know. The handling charges are completely illegal, but some of the dealerships include it in the total amount of the car or bike. However, some buyers might be fooled if they are not aware of this rule. Many of the dealerships even don’t discuss that handling charges have been calculated in the total cost which the buyers have to pay.

So, if you know about this, you should discuss these extra charges with the dealerships. Recently, it was reported that a Kawasaki dealer cancelled the booking of a Ninja 300 and reason is really shocking. The buyer asked the dealer about the extra charge which he is asking for the new bike. After, knowing that the dealer added the handling duties, the customer inquired immediately which resulted in the cancellation of his order.

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The report was posted by the customer who accused Motosaki Motorcycles, Thane for demanding Rs. 56,875 as RTO fees. The original tax cost was remarkably inexpensive compared to the charged cost. In answer to the customer’s question, the merchant claimed that he has charged Rs. 1,100 for inspection, Rs. 10,000 as agent fees, Rs. 5,300 as warehousing expense and Rs. 4,000 as loading/unloading expense.

However, demanding extra charges from buyers for handling charges is prohibited in the country. The whole subject was informed to the Kawasaki by the buyer. He sent a formal email to the company asking about the handling charges demanded by the dealership of Pune. As a reply, the automotive producers regretted to the customer. They were apologetic for the trouble experienced by the buyer. They also claimed that the case will be sent to the higher authority.

The customer has also complained to the company that if the handling charges aren’t overlooked, then cancel the booking of the Ninja 300 made by him. Those illegal charges are not acceptable at all. Finally, the dealer answered to this complaint, but via WhatsApp text message saying that the booking will be marked out. That directly means that the administration will prefer cancellation of the booking over the neglecting of handling charges.

The dealer also claimed that if the total amount is not paid along with the charges, then the bookings will be discarded shortly. According to the reports, some of Kawasaki’s merchants in Hyderabad and other towns are also demanding additional charges of Rs. 10,000 over the total cost price and taxes from shoppers. So, before you step inside a car or bike showroom, beware of your rights.

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S. Vishwakarma

S. Vishwakarma

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