Trivandrum Jeepers Club Pledges its 4X4 SUVs to the Indian Army

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Kerala’s off-roading and Jeepers Community has been very active in helping during testing times for the state and the nation. They voluntarily came forward to rescue people stranded during floods and distribute ration to the flood-hit areas using their modified 4×4 vehicles. Once again they have expressed their willingness to help the nation at this crucial time. With tension between India and Pakistan escalating, “The Trivandrum Jeepers Club” has pledged to offer 70 plus of their modified vehicles for use by the Indian Army. This has been made public via their Facebook page.

India and Pakistan have been facing the worst standoff in decades. For the first time since 1971, the air force of both countries has engaged with each other. People were worried if things will take a more serious turn. Stepping-in, the Trivandrum Jeepers Club has offered its help to the Indian Army. The reason they chose is stated in their facebook post as follows:

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We are much disturbed about the current scenario of an anticipated crisis our nation is going through and worried about the outcomes. While surfing for any way in which we could be beneficial for the nation in our own capacities, we were happy to discover a part of our history where the civilian 4×4 jeeps were surrendered for army use through Mahindra & Mahindra back in the 1971 Indo Pak war.

We are hereby much obliged to declare and surrender to, our 70+ All terrain equipped vehicles out of our 100 vehicles for any use or aid to the nation at this crucial moment.

You can read their complete post on facebook here.

Though the Indian Army might not need them, this gesture by Jeepers club displays a true show of patriotism. The Indian Army has many sophisticated vehicles for combat and personnel transport.

The Mean Machines
Jeepers club, Kerala floods and more

Most of the members of Trivandrum Jeepers Club club are automobile enthusiasts. They have heavily customized their 4X4 over time. An automobile enthusiast knows how a car person loves his/her car. More so, if they have taken time to customize it. It is very hard to get the keys off their hands. Most of them don’t give their vehicles to others fearing damage. Now, a vehicle that goes to the army might not return in one piece or may not return at all. Despite the fact that their vehicles might never return, the owners are ready to hand it over to the Army. This action shows selflessness at times of need, yet again.

These Jeepers came forward voluntarily to help during the Kerala flooding last year. Some of their vehicles were damaged in the process due to water entering the engine. Their actions were lauded by people and media for their contributions. Their vehicles may look tough and intimidating on the road, but not those at its wheels.

Photos: Trivandrum Jeepers Club

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