Indian Army motorcycle team Set Off For 1000 Km Expedition

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Indian Army motorcycle team Set Off For 1000 Km Expedition

The Indian Army motorcycle team has set off for a 1000 km expedition of the Karakoram Range on Sunday. This expedition will last over span of a fortnight. It celebrates the 20th anniversary of Kargil Vijay Divas, which is celebrated every year on 26th July to mark the victory of the Indian armed forces over Pakistan in ‘Operation Vijay’. The expedition was flagged off at 10 am from Karu Military station near Leh. The Indian Army motorcycle team comprising of 11 members is ready to face the odds in the rugged terrain and the extreme climatic conditions.

Indian Army riders in the team are from the Army Service Corps comprising of Maj K Renuka, Maj Bhupesh Rawat, Capt Arpit Kapila, Capt Jabez Philip, Capt Akshay Joshi, Capt Nikita A Nair, Sep Diwakar, Sep Abhijeet and Sep Shivsingh. Vijay Parmar is representing the Himalayan Motorsports Association (HMA) team while the Royal Enfield team has Sachin, Aditya, Hema and Nihal.

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Indian Army motorcycle team Set Off For 1000 Km Expedition
Indian Army motorcycle team Set Off For 1000 Km Expedition

The Karakoram Range is a beautiful mountain pass in the Northern part of our country. The beautiful roads and the wonderful scenic view were not extensively excavated. The brave Indian army team of a group of 11 riders has gone for excavating these routes for the first time thereby renewing the spirit of courage, fortitude and adventurous nature of the army. These routes were initially used as the Afghan trade routes.

Eleven motorcycles are part of the expedition organised in partnership with Royal Enfield and Himalayan Motorsports, the spokesman said. “With due acclimatisation at every stage, the team will be roaring their engines over some of the highest motorable passes including Chang La and Khardung La, inhabited villages and iced water bodies, to an altitude of 18,176 feet,” he said. The motorcyclists will pass through areas where temperatures could fall as low as minus 40 degrees, where breathing will be problematic, blizzards may be frequent and visibility often zero. “The team is ready to brave all the odds in the unforgiving terrain and the extreme climate of the region, to complete a motorcycle expedition to the Karakoram Range, one that has never been attempted before,” the spokesman added.

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