Indian Army to commission the Force Gurkha 4×4 based LSV

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Indian Army to commission the Force Gurkha 4x4

Through a tendering process, Force Motors India has bagged the order for supplying Light Strike Vehicles (LSV) to the Indian Army. Despite stiff competition from prominent manufacturers, Force Motors was able to seal the deal for LSV’s. The homegrown Light Strike Vehicle will be developed ground-up by the company’s R&D team. The Force Gurkha based LSV will be used for various military and operational activities by our Armed Forces.

Force Motors’ Light Strike Vehicles have proved their power and off-road credibility over the most rugged of terrain and the most varied temperatures in the country from the deserts of Rajasthan with temperatures soaring over 50 degrees Celsius to the snow-capped Himalayan mountains where temperatures plunge to -30 degrees Celsius.

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The Gurkha-based LSV offers wide opening doors for easy ingress and egress, hard wearing interiors, a 2.6-litre turbo diesel engine capable of high speeds and with its 4×4 configuration, it can easily combat off-road terrain. As seen on the Gurkha, the LSVs will be equipped with differential locks on all wheels, run-flat tyres and a provision to mount assault weapons such as rocket launchers and machine guns. LSV’s are light enough to be airlifted and dropped into enemy territory.

Force Motors has long relations with the Indian Army. The Pune-based company, popular for its Tempo Traveller and Gurkha lifestyle SUV has also supplied the Indian Artillery with new engines for the 155mm Howitzer Gun and trials are currently being conducted for Force developed engines for the new Dhanush Gun which is soon expected to take the place of Bofors Guns.

Speaking on the occasion, a spokesperson from Force Motors said, “We are very happy that the Indian Army has reposed trust in the fully indigenous Light Strike Vehicle developed by our research and development team. This is a small but significant step in creating fully indigenous specialist vehicles for the Armed Forces – a truly ‘Make in India’ initiative”. It is to be noted that the Indian Army also purchased units of the new Safari 4×4 to replace the ageing Gypsy.

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