Import of foreign vehicles made easier for manufacturers

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Import of foreign vehicles made easier for manufacturers

The new vehicle import norms in place allow automobile manufacturers to easily import foreign vehicles. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways will reportedly amend the strict policies regarding the import of foreign vehicles to India.

The new norms let automobile manufactures or their representatives to import up to 2500 units with internationally accepted standards. In addition, manufacturers can import 500 units of heavy commercial vehicles like trucks and buses.

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Import of foreign vehicles made easier for manufacturers

Talking about the Director General Of Foreign Trade (DGFT) norms, an official from the ministry told TOI, “The DGFT norm is based on the Central Motor Vehicle Rules so far as registration without local testing is concerned. So, the change in the rules will pave the way for liberal import norms.”

The imported vehicles must follow certain regulations. They should be right hand drive (RHD) models only. Also they will attract import and other duties as applicable. The policy will also allow import of vehicle components that comply with international standards.

The new DGFT regulations will also allow homologation free (without local testing) import of vehicles priced above USD 40,000. For motorcycles, however, the limit is set in terms of engine capacity- which is above 800cc. However, all these vehicles will also attract import duties as applicable.

Import of foreign vehicles made easier for manufacturers

Benefits of new norms regarding import of foreign vehicles

The existing norms for importing foreign vehicles to India is extremely strict. Manufacturers are not even allowed to import vehicles for R&D and testing purposes if the said vehicle does not meet the Indian standards. The new rules are welcome by everyone and is a much needed change. It will open the Indian market to a variety of new models. This will include newer electric and hybrid vehicles. This decision will also allow manufacturers to bring more international models to India more easily.

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