Brand new i10 Crashes, leaving occupants with serious injuries

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Hyundai i10 - Front

Purchasing a new car is a lot more than just buying. Apart from the financial effort, a lot of emotional effort and decision making is involved. At least in India, people welcome a new car as a new family member. It is an occasion to share and celebrate in many families. The so-called “Ownership experience” is a great deal which many a time decides the brand that one opts for. The story you are about to read is a bitter experience for one unlucky i10 owner.

When speaking of the ownership experience, Hyundai Motors comes at the forefront. People buy Hyundai for the feature-packed cars, ease of maintenance, lower service costs. In short, for the dream-like ownership experience.

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The How?

Yet sometimes, things may go south. You may not get what you paid for, what you wanted. Not at least for one unlucky i10 owner from Chennai. Suresh Kumar from Chennai had brought a Hyundai i10 Sportz on February 15th, 2019. The dealer here is Peeyesyem Hyundai, Alwarpet, Chennai. Little less than a month, on March 10th, the car met with an accident.

Hyundai i10 - Front-close-
Hyundai i10 that crashed

The reason put forward by Suresh Kumar was a tire burst. As per his narration, the car rolled over at least 3 times before coming to a complete stop after the left tire burst. All through the horrible incident, the airbags did not deploy. Suresh claims that the vehicle is defective as the airbags didn’t deploy, leaving the occupants with serious injuries.

It is at these times, the dealership and the company can make or break the relationship with the customer. The dealership was intimated about the incident and the airbags not being deployed on the very same day. To Suresh’s surprise, he was asked to sign the Insurance claim form and the Job Card by the dealer. This is in addition to submitting the RC, Insurance, License, Aadhar, and Pan card. All these hassles just for the dealer to inspect the car.

Hyundai i10 - Side
Hyundai i10 that crashed – another angle

Going by the pictures, the front passenger side of the i10 took a serious beating. The roof has suffered damage and the A-pillar is crushed. This will lead to some serious repair bills, or worse, the car could be a total write off. That’s a really worse situation to be in. Though there is no significant frontal damage, i10 rolling over 3 times should be a good reason to trigger the airbag.

Why so serious?

The problem in such cases is the attitude and conduct of the dealer and sometimes the company. As if going through the accident was not enough, the dealers, the insurance and the company have a lengthy and tedious process that only adds to the injury the owner is suffering from.

A game of “pointing fingers” begins. “Go there, do this”, “Go here, sign this document”, “These documents are missing, where are they?” or “This is not the correct document here”.  Again, the parties involved, except for the owner, try to wash their hands off the issue, rather than take up the ownership and solve it. That is the scenario in most cases and the owner ends up suffering.

Products, process and the system, that is not designed with “Ease of use”, “Ease of doing” and “Ease of owning” is of no use, if the customers don’t reap the benefit of it.

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