Hyundai Venue to come with two automatic gearboxes

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Venue - The Connected SUV From Hyundai, Feature List Revealed

Hyundai Venue has already stirred up the waters of the Compact SUV segment. Due to be launched on 17th April, the Venue will be the country’s first truly connected car. The car will offer as many as 33 connectivity features. In addition, the Venue will offer many other features as is the standard with Hyundai cars of today.

What is confirmed however is that there will be two choices of automatic gearboxes on offer with Venue. One will the standard Automatic gearbox and the other being a sport-oriented Dual Clutch Transmission. As the name suggests, the DCT will have a double clutch setup. While one clutch will engage the odd gears (1st, 3rd, 5th) the other will engage the even gears(2nd, 4th).

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DCT setup is usually found only on high-end sports cars and enables lightening fast gear changes. With this setup, the Venue will be truly an enthusiast car. This DCT gearbox will be paired with a 1-liter turbocharged petrol motor. Other engine options might be a 1.2-liter petrol motor and 1.4-liter diesel motor.

Venue’s BlueLink Technology

The Venue will come with an eSIM which will be the heart of the BlueLink connectivity features. The 33 connectivity features spread across 7 categories include Alert Services, Safety Services, Security Services, Remote accessibility, Vehicle Relationship Management, Alert Services, and Artificial Intelligence. 10 of these 33 features will be India Specific. The Voice recognition feature has been trained to pick up the Indian Accent of English and will get better the more you use it.

Hyundai is currently training a team of BlueLink specialists, who will in turn train about 10,000 sales consultants all over the country. The specialists will be able to handle any query relating to BlueLink Technology. Hyundai will also install the BlueLink simulation app across all dealerships so that customers can get a hands-on feel of the technology.
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