Hyundai Venue iMT – Tale of a Manual transmission with Two Pedals

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hyundai venue sport trim

Ever since it was launched in May 2019, Hyundai Venue has been setting the sales charts on fire and cash registers ringing. More than a lakh Hyundai Venue units were sold in less than a year. Now, to keep the ball rolling and to up the ante, Hyundai has launched the Venue iMT. iMT stands for Intelligent Manual transmission. The 6-Speed iMT gear box is available with the Kappa 1L T-GDi Petrol BS6 engine. In addition, Hyundai has also launched the Sport Trim in the Venue.

Hyundai Venue iMT
Hyundai Venue iMT

Eh? Clutch Pedal free Manual Transmission? Tell me more.

The technology behind the “clutch pedal free” manual transmission is the use of electro-mechanically actuated clutch. The three key components make up the iMT are

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  • Transmission Gear Shift (TGS) Lever with Intention Sensor
  • Hydraulic Actuator
  • Transmission Control Unit (TCU).

The system has been designed to offer a seamless Drive Experience by incorporating a cohesive logic between the various components on manual transmissions. With this setup, the driver is able to seamlessly shift gears without the need to mechanically operate clutch pedal.

  • Transmission Control Unit receives signal from TGS Lever Intention Sensor, indicating driver’s desire to change gears.
  • TCU sends signal to engage Hydraulic Actuator, forming Hydraulic Pressure.
  • Hydraulic Pressure is then sent to Concentric Slave Cylinder (CSC) through Clutch Tube.
  • Concentric Slave Cylinder uses this pressure to control the clutch and pressure plate, thereby engaging and disengaging the clutch.
Hyundai Venue iMT
Hyundai Venue iMT

The Venue Sport Trim

Hyundai is now offering the sport trim with both the Petrol and Diesel engines. The 1.5 l U2 CRDi Diesel engine is available with a 6 Speed Manual, where as the Kappa 1.0 l T-GDi engine is available with both 6-Speed iMT and the 7 Speed DCT. Oh and one more thing! Hyundai has answered our prayers and has added the paddle shifters to the venue.




Sport Trim
Kappa 1.0 l Turbo GDi Petrol BS6 120/6 000 17.5/ 1 500 ~ 4 000 iMT iMT 7DCT
1.5 l U2 CRDi Diesel BS6 100/4 000 24.5/1 500 ~ 2 750 6MT 6 MT

We have an eye-catching New Dual Tone Titan Grey with Phantom Black Roof color option in the Sport Trim. Additionally, Sport Trim is also available in Dual Tone Polar White with Phantom Black Roof.

Hyundai Venue Sport Trim
Hyundai Venue Sport Trim

Hyundai has also introduced the VENUE powered by Kappa 1.0 l T-GDi Petrol BS6 with iMT on SX and SX(O) variants. Owing to strong customer demand, the company has also launched a new S+ Trim on VENUE with Kappa 1.2 l Petrol BS6 engine with 5MT. The new variant will feature Projector Headlamps & Projector Fog Lamp, LED Tail Lamps and 20.32 cm Touch Screen Display Audio with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Venue Sport Trim – Pricing

POWERTRAIN Kappa 1.0 l T-GDi Petrol BS6/ iMT Kappa  1.0 l T-GDi Petrol BS6/ 7DCT 1.5 l U2 CRDi Diesel BS6/ 6MT
Trim SX SX(O) SX+ SX SX(O)

Price (in ₹)


10 20 360 11 20 900 11 58 400 10 30 700 11 52 700
alloy wheels
Hyundai Venue Sport Trim

Venue – iMT Pricing


Kappa 1.0 l T-GDi Petrol BS6/ iMT




Price (in ₹)


9 99 990

11 08 500

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