Hyundai Venue Gets A Solid 4 Star in ANCAP Crash Test – Video

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Hyundai Venue Gets A Solid 4 Star in ANCAP Crash Test

Hyundai Venue has been a great seller for the Korean manufacturer and neck to neck competitor for the segment leader Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. While the Venue is loaded with features, there was no official test to know how safe it is. Now the Venue is tested by Australian NCAP.

As Hyundai Venue is sold globally Australia gets Venue in right-hand drive form and is quite similar to what we get here in India. But we should remember that the Australian spec Venue comes fully loaded with safety equipment such as 6 airbags, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, and emergency braking as standard. With all this package the Venue scored a 4-star rating in ANCAP. It is quite similar to what Maruti Suzuki Brezza scored in the Global NCAP.

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Hyundai Venue Gets A Solid 4 Star in ANCAP Crash Test
Side Impact Test at 50km/h

The further breakthrough of the report comes as follows. For adult occupants Venue scored 91% rating and 81% for child occupants.  As stated in their report “In the frontal offset test, readings of neck tension in the 10-year dummy indicated POOR protection while protection of the neck of the 6-year dummy was ADEQUATE. Protection was GOOD for all other critical body regions of both dummies”. 

Hyundai Venue Gets A Solid 4 Star in ANCAP Crash Test
Oblique pole test at 32km/h

Falling short in pedestrian safety section as stated: “ The bonnet of the Hyundai Venue provided GOOD or ADEQUATE protection to the head of a struck pedestrian over most of its surface, with MARGINAL to POOR results recorded at the base of the windscreen, on the stiff windscreen pillars and on the side edges of the bonnet”. Due to this, the Venue got 62% in Vulnerable user road protection and hence could not obtain a 5-star rating.

Hyundai Venue Gets A Solid 4 Star in ANCAP Crash Test

The Australian Venue also gets a different engine unlike we get in India, a 1.6-liter petrol motor. And gets various safety features but it gives us some idea of what to expect in matters of safety from the Venue. While segment leader Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza gets a 4-star rating in the Global NCAP. the safest car in the segment is the Tata Nexon with a 5-star rating.

You can watch the test video below.

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