Hyundai Teased 2021 Kona And Kona N-Line SUV

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Hyundai Teased 2021 Kona And Kona N-Line SUV

Hyundai Motor Company has teased the upcoming 2021 line of Kona SUV. While we only get Kona as an electric SUV here, Kona comes with various engine options globally. The SUV is due for an update now and Hyundai has teased the first glimpse of the design today.

Hyundai calls this as their Sensuous Sportiness global design identity. While the outgoing Kona is a smart-looking SUV, this new design gives it a sleeker look as well as a wider stance. The new sleek looking DRLs and LED headlamp look more striking than before. When you look head-on you can see the style changes in the bumper and front skid plate, and the tiger-nose grille completes the look.

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Hyundai Teased 2021 Kona And Kona N-Line SUV

For the first time, the Hyundai Kona is getting the N-Line. The sportier version of Hyundai. While the regular Kona was teased in blue color, the N-Line is finished in red color. This version looks more aggressive, it gets vents between the headlamps, the Hyundai logo is placed on the grille which looks much better. Also gets N-Line written on the grille. The bumper gets low-set air intake and corner fins.

Hyundai Teased 2021 Kona And Kona N-Line SUV

While we may not see the N-Line Kona in India, we surely will get the 2021 Hyundai Kona here. Kona has been doing quite well in our market, and even after competition from MG EZS, it manages to look better. So after the update, it can outclass its only competition.

In June Hyundai announced that it has sold over 1,00,000 Kona Electric globally in just a timeline of 2 years. So Kona being a global success, Hyundai is focusing more on the product, we are most likely to get the updates. While we may not see the conventional Kona SUV here, Kona electric is here, and it will get similar design updates.

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