The Hyundai Santro is the first car of the Hyundai to come with automated manual transmission. Hyundai is introducing the automated manual transmission [AMT] on its all new hatchback model code named as AH2. The product naming campaign will commence from August but it the likely to be named as Santro.

At present the four wheelers manufactured by the Tata and the Maruti Suzuki are available in the auto markets with automated manual transmission. However, Hyundai only offers continuous variable transmission with torque convertor. But now the Hyundai Santro makes its debut as the first car of Hyundai with automated manual transmission.

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Hyundai is one of the best selling four wheeler companies and again introduction of the new Hyundai Santro with AMT is likely to raise their sales growth. The all new Hyundai Santro coming featured with the automated manual transmission, AMT will make its driving in the city conditions easier. Besides that the cost of the production will also be reduced as compared to the production cost of the vehicles with continuous variable transmission.

The All New Hyundai Santro - The First Car Of Hyundai To Debut With AMT
The All New Hyundai Santro – The First Car Of Hyundai To Debut With AMT

The Hyundai Santro is expected to be launched in the festive season this year. Once launched in India the Hyundai Santro will rival with the Maruti WagonR, the Datsun redi – Go and the Renault Kwid. Hyundai has decided to launch several models in AMT version in India only if the all new Hyundai Santro retails largely making a large response. The Hyundai has chalked out an dynamic four years strategy and as per the plan the manufacturer is going to introduce eight new models by the year 2022. The eight four wheelers will include the QX1 which is the sub 4-metric compact SUV and an electric SUV.

The convenience of driving in city conditions and low cost of production has made the four wheelers with AMT very popular in the Indian markets. Therefore the Indian buyers are opting more for the AMT variant models. Maruti Suzuki is the unaltered king of this segment. The competitive pricing and reliability of Maruti Suzuki’s four wheelers has added to its top rank in this segment. Therefore it is quite difficult for the other manufacturers to overcome Maruti. But Hyundai is hopping to increase its sales growth with the introduction of the AMT version Santro.

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