Hyundai Kona Explodes in Canada, taking the down garage with it.

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Hyunda Kona explosion

When you buy an electric car, say a Hyundai Kona EV, you’d expect to cut down on environmental pollution and fuel costs. What you don’t expect is to rebuild your house, and possibly your neighbors’ after your car explodes, sending the garage door flying across the street. This very peculiar incident happened in Île-Bizard (aka Bizard Island), Montreal, Canada.

As it happened..

On Friday, July 26th, Piero Cosentino was about to have lunch when the fire alarm went off and he heard an explosion. He noticed a thick black smoke coming from the door leading to his garage. Piero ran outside and away so he did not let the fire inside of his house. He then started dousing the fire with his garden hose as he awaited fire fighters to turn up. Only then he did notice the extend of the damage. His garage door was lying across the street and a part of the garage roof was blown away.

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The Garage door blown off after the explosion
The Garage door blown off after the explosion

Louise Desrosiers, a Division Chief from the Montreal Fire Department, said they found no other possible cause to the fire apart from the Hyundai Kona. Fortunately no one was injured in this bizzare accident. What is even more weirder, according to Piero Consentino is that his Kona EV was not even plugged into the socket and charging. Piero had bought the all-electric SUV only in March 2019.

Hyundai will reportedly investigate this incident. Lithium ion batteries are the most efficient to be discovered efficient till now. But they are flammable and are hard to put out. All this is a very bad news for Hyundai. They had the Kona launched in India less than a few weeks ago, priced at INR 25.3 lakhs. Within few days of launch, the SUV has received over 120 bookings in India. The Kona is offered with 39kWh battery pack – which offers a range of 452 Km as certified by ARAI. The WLTP range for the same setup is 289 kms.

Source: CBC Canada

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