Hyundai Creta 2018 Facelift- Still Perfect?

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The 2018 Marine Blue Hyundai Creta

The already good package in the segment now got a lot better and made itself a strong contender, welcome the all new Hyundai Creta 2018. Sufficing over the minor updates,  the Creta 2018 see’s a facelift with addition of new features. In it’s mid life update it gets many changes which we will cover in our review. Hop on for our take on the one of the strongest foot-holder of this segment, the new Hyundai Creta 2018. The update brings revision to the 3 year old design which saw sales of over 4+ Lakhs units.

Hyundai Creta Review Video !

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Exteriors are more appealing and stylish now. Gone are the sharp cuts in the bumper and the small chrome grill. The front has the maximum changes you would notice with those huge Hyundai’s fluidic design grill, masculating with the headlamps. Be it day or night, you can now rule at anytime with those crystal clear DRL’s in the bumper. The faux skid plates add more masculine character to the SUV. The rear doesn’t see massive changes whilst the major changes are kept to the front. On the whole, Hyundai has managed to carry on the overall styling of the 2015 Creta in the 2018 version.

The 2018 Marine Blue Hyundai Creta

There are minimal changes to the body lines but numerous other parts such as lights and vents get the updated design language. The headlight units have been re-profiled and the DRLs have been now shifted along with the fog lamp units.

On the side,the only striking update you shall see are the new 17″ alloys. These new alloys in a finish of diamond cut and gunmetal grey are very appealing. The rear receives minimal update with the presence of new faux skid plate and a shark fin antenna. The rear has been kept similar to the outgoing model and by looking at it, it’s an easy miss to spot. The facelift welcomes the addition of two new colour options Marina Blue (the car we had) and Passion Orange. Continuing the dual-colour scheme, available in orange-black and white-black combinations you can opt it optional.

Interiors :

Once we get into the new Creta, we are welcomed by the refreshed interiors of dual tone scheme. One of the major addition which adds to the premium factor is the presence of the electric sunroof, which surely adds up to the premium quotient of the vehicle. Additionally, now Hyundai provides cruise-control, there’s new electro-chromic auto-dimming rear view mirror, 4 way electrically adjustable driver seat and a wire-less charging compartment below the Air-Con Unit. Furthermore, there’s is the presence of USB for phone without wireless charging function.

The 2018 Marine Blue Hyundai Creta

The front seats have enough thigh support for long drives, while the driver seat is an electrically adjusted seat and the rear gets more comfortable with the rear AC vents and 12v charging socket. Furthermore, the boot is very spacious and there is no presence of sill, so ingress and egress of items in and out of the boot is fairly easy. Even now, there is ample amount of knee room and head room for the rear passengers. There’s no transmission hump so the rear floor is flat and the middle passenger won’t have any issue while sitting.

The 2018 Marine Blue Hyundai Creta

The infotainment system has been updated and now it comes with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and has pre-installed navigation. It also comes onboard with Hyundai’s Mirrorlink application. The touch is very responsive and display is of good quality. The ARKAMYS sound system which provides a good in-cabin audio experience. On the top most trim, there’s smart key band which doubles up as a fitness tracker. You can use it to unlock the car and turn the engine on. While you are not with your car, you can still use it as your normal fitness tracker.

Variants :

The Hyundai Creta is available in 3 engine options:

  • 1.4 litre diesel MT
  • 1.6 litre petrol MT
  • 1.6 litre diesel MT and Auto

Sadly, the top-end trim – SX(O) is available only on the manual versions of the 1.6 petrol & diesel engines and not on the automatic versions. The dual color options are also available only on the same manual variants and not on any other variant. Overall, there are 13 variant options on the Hyundai Creta, 5 petrol manual, 1 petrol automatic, 2 on the 1.4 litre diesel (both manual), 3 on the 1.6 litre diesel manual and 2 on the 1.6 litre diesel automatic. This is a let down for some buyer that the top trim isn’t available for auto box.

Driving quality :

Over the last update, there’s a minimal difference, if it exists. It’s a powerful engine though and churns out 126 bhp and the 260 Nm of torque, from 1500 rpm. Moreover, Power delivery is quite linear like most Hyundai’s till the turbo kicks in and then you really feel the surge in power. The clutch is light but the long travel will cause issue driving in traffic conditions. But the strong mid-range of the engine makes all the difference on the highway. There’s no difference in the way it rides; as it easily soaks in any of the bumps, on the road. There’s a major body roll due to the soft suspension setup.

The 2018 Marine Blue Hyundai Creta

The ride quality is much plusher in the facelift and the throttle response is great. The low and mid range revs does helps in city traffic and shifting gears is very soft and easy. The SUV we were riding was a diesel and to the surprise we didn’t felt the turbo lag at all. Hyundai has done a lot in refining the mill.

Verdict of the Hyundai Creta 2018 :

We will agree that there are certain aspects which Hyundai Creta would have worked upon,. Given that they could have easily brought in ventilated seats from the Verna and it would have become a segment-first feature. The Automatic wipers and automatic headlights, both are not available even on the top end variants, which can cost upto INR 18 lakh and this is certainly a disappointment.

Priced between ₹ 9.43 lakh to ₹ 15.04 lakh (ex-showroom India), the Hyundai Creta facelift is although ₹ 15,000 more expensive than its predecessor, for the base petrol version; whereas, the top-spec petrol is more expensive, by ₹ 57,000. On the other hand, prices for the base diesel variant remain unchanged, while the top-spec variant costs ₹ 52,000 more, given the tech upgrades. The cost cutting is not so evident the spare wheel is not an alloy, the key-less entry request button is only present on the front right door and not on the left. But, these are not any of the major hinderance.

The 2018 Marine Blue Hyundai Creta

To round up the review, if you are looking for a vehicle in the INR 13-18 lakh range and you aren’t looking forward to adding a sedan in your garage. Then, the Creta stands out as one of the best option in the market. The 2018 Hyundai Creta is very practical to drive in the city, has a good presence on road. Furthermore the steering being light at slow speeds really helps a lot. The car now provides numerous creature-comfort features and really looks appealing in its current form and provides a good value for money quotient. Hence this is the perfect urban compact SUV in the market. Most noteworthy, let’s wait for the Harrier to bring some competition to this long undefeated rival in the market.

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