Hyundai develops world’s first Active Shift Control for hybrid cars

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Hyundai Active Shift Control for hybrid cars

Hyundai Motor Group has developed the world’s first Active Shift Control (ASC) transmission technology. The new technology will premiere in the upcoming Hyundai and Kia hybrids.

Active Shift Control optimizes transmission efficiency by monitoring gear shifts 500 times per second. It then precisely adjusts the transmission rotation speed for faster shift times.  ASC applies new control logic software to the Hybrid Control Unit (HCU). It then controls the electric motor to align the rotational speeds of the engine and transmission to reduce gear shift time by 30%. The technology also delivers smoother gear changes despite quicker shift times.

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Hyundai Active Shift Control for hybrid cars
Hyundai Active Shift Control for hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are all about fuel economy. Hence, torque converters are absent in hybrid vehicles. However, the downside to this system is longer shift times for smooth gear changes. ASC helps to solve this problem by allowing the electric motor to also take control of the gear shifts.

The rotational speeds inside the transmission are monitored by sensors and the HCU. This new system reduces shift times by 30% from 500ms to 350ms. Hyundai says it not only improves hybrid vehicle’s acceleration performance and fuel economy but also durability of the transmission by minimizing friction during a gear shift.

“The development of world’s first ASC technology is a remarkable innovation which incorporates precise motor control to automatic transmission,” said KyoungJoon Chang, Vice President and Head of Powertrain Control System Group of Hyundai Motor Group, “It will not only save fuel but also provide a more fun driving experience for our customers.”


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