Ford teases new Hybrid Ford Mustang – is this the end of American Muscle as we know it?

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Ford teases new Hybrid Ford Mustang - is this the end of American Muscle as we know it?

Ford tweeted recently with a blue outline Ford logo with the caption ‘Hold your horses’. This seems to be a teaser for the new hybrid Ford Mustang. The blue logo is from the company’s  2022 plans of electrification. This tweet also comes at the same time as the unveiling of the new crossover Tesla Model Y.

What we know for sure now is about an electric SUV scheduled for 2022. This teaser can also mean Ford is gearing up to unveil a new electric or hybrid car of some sort. The soon to launch Ford Mach 1 SUV is expected to have a driving range of 483km in one charge.

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Ford is also investing a whopping $11 billion towards its total electrification plan. They have a list of 40 electrified car in which 16 are purely electric and the rest are hybrids. Coming to the hybrid Ford Mustang, we are not sure what the specs will be. But Fords says that the performance will be equivalent to that of the V8 engine in the existing Mustang.

This means that we may have to bid adieu to the adored V8 motor. The power figures and performance may be similar to that of the V8 engine. But, an electric/hybrid may not have similar driving experience. The new car is rumored to employ regenerative braking hybrid instead of the conventional plug-in hybrid. This new car is expected to arrive by 2020.

However, with growing concerns for global warming, going electric/hybrid is the greenest option available. It is expected that all manufacturers will go fully electric or the hybrid route sooner or later. Let us hope this new technology will retain the same driving experiences for us to enjoy.


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Amith Gowda

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