The Government of India has taken yet another step for the safety India’s road. The union of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari has announced today that cars are going to come along with their tamper-proof high security registration plates (HSRP) as soon as they are being released from the factory. The price of the number plate will be included in the total cost of the four wheeler.

Mr Gadkari was unhappy with the price range of Rs 800 to Rs 40000 for vehicle number plates issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) so this decision was taken. “We have taken an important decision. Now, manufacturers will fit the plates and embossing will be done later[at the dealer level] through machines”, are the words of the minister himself to PTI. Its a step towards uniformity and it is believed to be quite a help for the customers across the country. This step will do away with the HSRP priviledge that a selected few manufacturers enjoy. Supreme Court had already asked all the states and the union territories to ensure HSRP for vehicles back in 15th June 2012, the states of Uttar Pradesh, Kerela and Punjab and many others were summoned for not complying with the rule three weeks back.M.S. Bhatia, chairman of the All India anti-terrorist front, had filed a PIL, based on which the apex court passed an order to introduce tamper-proof number plates. The present system was prone to misuse, counterfeiting and duplication being the most common ones.

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Factory-Fitted HSRP To Come From July 2019, said Nitin Gadkari
Factory-Fitted HSRP To Come From July 2019, said Nitin Gadkari

The new HSRP s will come with seven digit unique laser code and non removable and non reusable to boot snap lock, a self destructive windsheild sticker with chassis and engine number and a chromium based chakra hologram. The security won’t be compromised and the norms will be same for all the models from SUV variants or luxury drives as promised by the minister. The number plates bear a gurantee period of 15 years and the dealer will be responsible for any defect or replacement, says a Times Of India report. Anil Chikkara , a transport expert recently commented, “Since vehicle manufacturers will buy HSRP s in bulk, prices will fall drastically.”

The Government has also taken care of road safety by issuing a rule that after July 2018, the cars are to have airbags for drivers and seat belt reminders along with speeding alert system beyond 80 kmph and reverse parking sensors.

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