Honda to showcase Urban EV prototype at Geneva

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Honda Promises Total Electrification in Europe by 2025

Honda is very likely to showcase the prototype of its Electric Vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019. This debut is Honda’s demonstration to “Electric Vision”, a commitment that two-thirds of the European sales will feature electrified technology by 2025.

Honda has revealed the official sketch of the prototype, which confirms that the production version will be ready soon. The Sketch shows that the production car will very much look like the concept.

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Honda first unveiled the Urban EV concept at the 2017 Frankfurt Motorshow and almost stole the entire show. The EV will be built upon an all-new EV-only platform and is aimed at urban driving. The concept is 100mm shorter than the Honda Jazz and has a better stance. The A-pillars are thin, and a wide windscreen promises better visibility. While the concept car had only 2 suicide doors and seats for 4, we expect the prototype to have conventional doors and seating for 5. The production car is also touted to charge 80% in half an hour, according to Honda UK’s website.

The Honda Power Manager Concept could also become a reality. It is a smart way to store energy efficiently. It can also return the stored electricity back to the grid if needed.

About the Urban EV Concept

The Urban EV concept was first showcased in the 2017 Frankfurt Motorshow. The exterior expresses Honda’s small car DNA, the “joy of lively driving” and “friendliness that inspires attachment”. To show greetings and messages to onlookers, the concept is equipped with displays at the front and rear. The living room-like interior is modern and comfortable, equipped with a large display and “Honda Automated Network Assistant” based on Honda’s AI technology. Learning the driver’s lifestyle and tastes, the Honda Urban EV Concept provides the driver with timely suggestions, realizing a natural communication between driver and car.

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