Honda Rebel India Launch On September 30?

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honda rebel india launch

We have been contemplating what Honda is launching on the 30th of this month. Our guess has been the new Fireblade or one of the 500 cc models. However, this made us think harder and makes us wonder — is it the Honda Rebel India launch on the 30th? All guesses point towards a ‘yes!’. 

The two-wheeler market in India is huge and Honda enjoys a top position in the entry-level market with the Activa. In the top of the spectrum, there is not much of a competition really as it purely relies on what the customer wants and on brand identity and Honda is present. However, one crucial segment Honda is missing out is the 300 to 500 cc category that is dominated by one manufacturer — Royal Enfield. 

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Benelli tried its luck with the Imperiale 400, but can’t seem to shake off RE. Honda could be eyeing this as Enfields have a problem with reliability and Honda is known for its build. So it only makes sense for the Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer to launch a product in this segment, and a cruiser with a 300 to 500 cc engine displacement seems to be the right way, at least for Honda. 

The Honda Rebel is powered by a 286 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. However, for India, the motorcycle could get a slightly bigger 350 cc engine. With a bigger displacement, the Rebel will be a capable highway mile muncher, while maintaining its relaxed nature. 

Speaking of equipment, the Rebel could get Bluetooth connectivity and GPS navigation, alongside ABS, disc brakes at both ends, telescopic front suspension, a slip assist clutch, and more.

The upcoming Honda motorcycle will be sold through the company’s BigWing outlet and will be a premium offering. Also, rumours say that the motorcycle will specifically be designed for India and could be a slightly modified/upgraded version of the Rebel sold overseas. Whatever it is, September 30 will answer all the questions. 

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Rajkamal Narayanan

Rajkamal Narayanan

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