Every car enthusiast out there has seen the movie “Tarzan The Wonder Car”, and it was one beautifully modified car and almost looked like a real supercar. Though the original car was a 1991 Toyota MR2 modified by DC Design.

Honda Civic Modified To Lamborghini Centenario In India

So today we have something along the same lines as Tarzan, a fairly regular car turned to look like a supercar. The effort made by these guys is amazing as it has also got electronics functions to complement the supercar aesthetics. The car is modified by Jaipur Jeep Lovers, and these guys did a crazy job in creating a Replica of the Lamborghini Centenario. Every curve and edges of the Centenario has been replicated, including the rear which is a very busy design in itself.

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Honda Civic Modified To Lamborghini Centenario In India

We are not sure about the Donor car but is a Honda car. Chances are that it is the Honda Civic by looking at the instrument console with digital speedometer and analogue tachometer and the steering wheel from the Civic. But that is the only familiar part of the car is left. Everything including the interior has been modified to get that supercar look.

Honda Civic Modified To Lamborghini Centenario In India

The car comes in typical Lamborghini Yellow colour. At the front, you have the typical Lamborghini face, with two vents on the hood and aggressive lines, it also has the twin splitter up front. Coming to the side it features massive sideblades as the Centenario. The rear must be the most difficult part to design as those of you have seen the Centenario, you know that I’m talking about. A massive diffuser in the back, with all the splitting vertical lines it looks great, the rear also gets the same triple exhaust system.

Honda Civic Modified To Lamborghini Centenario In India

Mind you the car also is a convertible, with a touch of a button you can enjoy the wind on your hair. It also features an electronic spoiler! Coming to the interiors you get dual colour interiors finished in yellow and black. Though the seat covers look a bit too overdone, the centre console features a host of a button along with a big touchscreen unit.

There is no info about the engine if it has been changed or kept stock. But we know that the car uses an automatic transmission as we can see from the photos. Also, the exhaust system is a modified free flow unit. Check out the video below to hear the exhaust note and see the convertible roof in action.

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