2021 Honda CBR650R & CB650R launched in India with exciting features

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Honda 2021 CB650R

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.  which is known for giving best to the free spirited riders recently launched the new 2021 CBR650R and CB650R in India. The new models are brought into the country through CKD route.

Marking its Indian debut, the Neo Sports Café inspired 2021 CB650R is for young riders seeking a combination of exhilarating four-cylinder engine performance and light, versatile, refined chassis handling. Let us have a look at its features.

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Design & Styling

The frame is a twin tube type that enables a highly efficient downdraft intake layout while taking advantage of the supple characteristics of steel. Around the swing arm pivot and engine hanger structure, weight reduction and mass centralization are realized.

Tightly wrapped and aggressive, the CB650R’s Neo Sports Café style features the signature compact ‘Trapezoid’ proportion of short, stubby tail and short overhang headlight. The long fuel tank is a key motif of the family design; its smooth lines accentuate the solidity of real metal surfaces and crown the engineering of the four-cylinder engine. Small side panels accentuate the minimalism, as does the rear mudguard made from steel. The round headlight is one of the key words of the Neo Sports Café design language.

With its four-cylinder power unit clearly on display the CBR650R’s wrapping ramps up the pure sporting appeal; dual LED headlight cluster emit a penetrating, uncompromising stare – with sharp new reflector profile for 2021 – and the upper and (extended) lower fairings blend muscularity with slim lines and angles.

The seat unit is compact and truncates the rear of the machine, adding to the hard-edged sense of purpose. New side panels accentuate the minimalism, as does the steel rear mudguard/number plate mount. The aggressive riding position starts with clip-on handlebars that mount beneath the top yoke, matched to rear set foot pegs.

Powerful & Sporty

The 649cc, DOHC 16-valve engine is tuned to create pure enjoyable in-line four-cylinder performance, with the classically fast ‘pick-up’ through the rev range and hard-hitting, high-revving top end. Max net power of 64 kW arrives @ 12,000rpm with max net torque of 57.5 Nm delivered at 8,500 rpm.

Both models come with Assist/slipper clutch that eases upshifts and manages hard down changes. The assist mechanism reduces the clutch lever operating load, and the slipper mechanism reduces rear wheel hopping due to sudden engine braking caused by downshifting improves ease of handling and provides a more comfortable and smooth ride. The 4-1 side swept exhaust has been designed to deliver a spine-tingling roar as revs climb.

Premium Security

New smart ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) technology detects sudden braking and automatically activates the front and rear hazard lights, which flash to warn any nearby vehicles. Giving a peace of mind to the rider is the new Honda Ignition Security System (HISS), an electronic anti-theft device that automatically disables the starting of the engine by means of electronic control.

Dynamically Responsiveness

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) offers peace of mind during aggressive riding conditions. The system adjusts engine power to optimize torque at the rear wheel, reducing rear-wheel slip. The rider can choose to select ON / OFF setting with the torque control (TC) switch on the left steering wheel.

To match the improved engine and suspension performance both the models wear dual radial mount four-piston brake calipers gripping 79.2 cm2 floating  dual discs in the front and 25.4 cm2 disc at the rear. Dual channel ABS gives smooth braking in both wet and dry condition.

The Showa Separate Function-Big Piston (SSF-BP) USD Forks come with a damping mechanism and spring on the right & left fork. This system offers reduced weight, superior rigidity and overall excellent performance along with adjustability for spring preload. Aluminum wheels with premium 5-spoke Y-shaped spokes help reduce un-sprung weight. The light hoops have a greater influence on handling than the numbers alone suggest.

All-around LED lighting

CBR650R gets Dual LED headlights with new reflectors lights up your path with intense blue-tinted beam. LED taillight is sleek and minimalistic form. While CB650R comes with circular LED headlight equipped with a sharp black bezel, helps rider cut through dark areas with intense blue-tinted beam. The taillight tucked above the steel number plate mount is minimal in style.

Advanced information on the go

The digital LCD instrument cluster is easier to read. Advanced informatics like Gear Position, Digital Speedometer, Digital Bar Graph Tachometer, Dual Trip Meters, Digital Fuel Level Gauge & Fuel Consumption Gauge, Digital Clock, Water Temp Gauge, Gear position, Shift UP Indicator keep the rider informed on the go.

Color, price & availability

Honda has opened the bookings for both the models at its premium dealerships – BigWing Topline in Gurugram (Haryana), Mumbai (Maharashtra), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Kochi (Kerala) & Hyderabad (Telangana).

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