Honda CBR650R to replace the now discontinued CBR650F in India

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Honda CBR650R may replace the now discontinued CBR650F in India

Honda has discontinued the Honda CBR650F in India and Worldwide. This is now replaced with the new Honda CBR650R in the international markets for 2019. This motorcycle was revealed back in EICMA 2018.

Honda CBR650R Engine and Performance

The new Honda CBR650R includes some major changed over the CBR650F. The ‘R’ in the name indicated increased focus towards the performance aspect of the motorcycle. The engine in the new CBR650R remains the same – a 648cc inline 4 motor. But it is re-tuned to have an increased compression ratio of 11.6:1 from 11.4:1. This along with a reinforced valve train and also improved air intake will allow the motorcycle to produce more power. The new CBR650R produces 95hp (12,000 rpm) and also 64Nm torque (8,500 rpm). This is an increase of 5hp and 1Nm torque compared to the older model.

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Features and Design

Honda CBR650R may replace the now discontinued CBR650F in India


The new motorcycle also gets some electronic equipment like ABS and Honda Selectable Torque Control System (HSTC). The latter is Honda’s version of a traction control system. Up front, Honda now uses Showa USD forks compared to regular telescopic forks on the outgoing model. Braking is handled by a four-piston caliper and twin 310mm discs. Improved frames and wheels result in the CBR650R losing 4kg bringing the kerb weight to 207kg.

The new motorcycle is also redesigned a little to look more like the bigger Fireblade. It now gets full LED headlights and LCD instrument cluster. This is a big improvement as the instrument cluster of the CBR650F was not the best. Increased focus towards performance also translates to the riding position. The ergonomics are now more committed with lowered clip-ons and further rear-set footpegs.

Honda CBR650R may replace the now discontinued CBR650F in India

It is not sure when Honda will bring the CBR650R to India. It is expected to make its way in early 2019. Also, the 650F in India was slightly detuned to produce 86hp and 60.5Nm torque to match the Indian road conditions. It will be interesting to see if Honda will do the same thing again if they decide to sell the 650R in India. With the additional features, the price of the new model may also increase over the already quite expensive 650F.

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