Honda Activa Electric Conversion – Gets 45Km Of Range

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Honda Activa Electric Conversion - Gets 45Km Of Range

Electric vehicles are growing popular day by day and now even in India, we have our fair share of electric cars and electric scooters. While electric cars are still expensive, starting from Tata Nexon EV, and going till MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona. Electric scooters come at a more accessible price.

Firstly you can look at Okinawa scooters, Hero Electric and Ather. But what if you wanted to convert your old scooter into an electric scooter. Well, that can be done! Not yet at a professional level, but Hemank Dabhade, a Pune based EV enthusiast has converted his 1st generation Honda Activa into an electric scooter. Hemant Dabhade has previously converted his Chevrolet Beat Diesel into electric.

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Honda Activa Electric Conversion - Gets 45Km Of Range

Honda Activa Electric Conversion – Gets 45Km Of RangeThe unique thing about this project is Hemank has tried to keep almost all of the stock components except the ICE engine, that mean the suspension, brakes and the wheels are the stock ones. Not amazing enough? He has even kept the stock CVT of Activa and reengineered it to work with an electric motor. While all the electric vehicles get a single-speed transmission, this Activa still works on Continuously variable transmission (CVT) with custom made weight and springs.

Honda Activa Electric Conversion - Gets 45Km Of Range

Powering the Honda Activa electric is a 1KW Brushless DC (BLDC) motor, while small the motor is good enough for 42ks of range with a single person and 35kms of range with a pillion. This range is good enough for the local market runs. Although there are not a lot of changes at the exterior, there is a whole list which goes down for the conversion, some of the parts include, clutch replace mechanism, Mounting for RH crankcase, DC-DC converter for 12V systems and an E-Throttle.

Honda Activa Electric Conversion - Gets 45Km Of Range

For the cost, he stated that it was a personal project so all the work was done by himself. The parts cost him around 10,000, while custom mounting and parts cost another 2,000 and the battery cost. Taking all the cost in factor this seems as a good choice provided you have the knowledge and R&D to work on such projects. He will also share videos about building the EV conversion kit making it easier for people to understand.

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