Himo T1, Xiaomi’s Electric Urban Mobility Scooter

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Himo T1

Xiaomi is more than just a smartphone brand and we all know it. The company manufactures Smart TV’s, Projectors, and a host of smart devices. The smart devices include smart sensor kit, smart LED bulb, sphere camera, smart band, a robot builder and then some. Heck, they’ve even got an electric toothbrush. I mean, who would’ve thought of an electric toothbrush. Now, in China, they have introduced and Urban Mobility Scooter and it’s electric. It is called the Himo T1. Looks like they know no bounds when it comes to innovation. Here’s a picture of it.

Himo T1
Himo T1

Himo T1 gets an all LED headlamp, which is powerful and at the same time energy efficient. The instrument cluster, as you would expect, displays the speed, battery level, range, and other information. It has a 14000 mAh battery that is good to hold a 672Wh of charge and can do 60 Km in a single charge. If you want more juice, they are offering a 28000 mAh battery that doubles the range to 120 Km.

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The electric motor in the Himo T1 is a 350w unit and at full pace, it can reach 380 RPM (Rotations Per Minute). Oh, and if you ever run out of the battery, you’ve got good old pedals so that you can power the scooter.

However, it has got a seat for only one person. The pillion space is occupied by a luggage rack (akin to the good Old Bajaj M-80). There is a provision at the front to fit a basket. The Himo T1 has got conventional telescopic suspension at the front with the spring-loaded, coilovers doing the duty at the rear.

The Himo T1 is priced at USD 450 which translates to about 31,440 INR and you can order it online and have it imported to India.

Image, courtesy of Zigwheels.com

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