Hero Xtreme 1.R concept – the next gen 200R unveiled

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Hero Xtreme 1.R concept - the next gen 200R unveiled

Hero showcased the Hero Xtreme 1.R concept at the EICMA this year. The Xtreme 1.R concept features a very unique and modern style with its sharp lines and an aggressive stance. We can expect the future Hero Xtreme 200R to follow this design language.

Hero Xtreme 1.R concept - the next gen 200R unveiled

The design is the most unique part of the concept motorcycle. The company’s source of inspiration for this design is the precision of an arrow. It is designed to be agile and responsive and also carves out corners with pinpoint accuracy. The motorcycle also gets a committed and aggressive riding position. We can also see the all-LED headlamp unit upfront with a sharp design. The LED tail lamp also comes with a very quirky design. The fuel tank is beefy and adds a little bit of muscle to the naked design. Engine cowl also gets an extremely sharp and aggressive design. But considering this is a concept motorcycle, the production variant Xtreme will likely get a more toned-down design.

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Hero MotoCorp has also gone all out on the features in this concept motorcycle. We can see beefy USD forks upfront in red color. Handlebars are also in the same red accents to match the rest of the color scheme. The wheels also look extremely chunky. The rear wheel also gets a very interesting design. We can also see what looks like a custom or aftermarket exhaust on the side.

Hero Xtreme 1.R concept - the next gen 200R unveiled

Hero MotoCorp did not reveal any information on the engine or the power train in the concept motorcycle. But we can expect the Hero Xtreme 1.R concept to run on an engine similar to the existing Xtreme 200R. It will most likely be a 200cc oil or liquid-cooled motor.


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