Hero Destini 125 vs Suzuki Access 125 vs Honda Activa 125

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Hero Destini 125 Launched - Priced Starting At Rs 54,650

Hero Destini 125 was recently introduced in India. The 125cc scooters are very popular in the Indian two-wheeler market. Recently, a turning point was noticed in the 125cc range, when Hero MotoCorp launched the all-new Destini 125. The Destini is based on previous model Duet, with many remarkable modifications in features. It is one of the best entry-level scooters in the market which is a head turner.

So, looking at the present two-wheeler competition in the Indian market, we thought to compare the Hero Destini 125 with its current rivals: Suzuki Access 125 and Honda Activa 125 in the 125cc range. Let’s find out which scooter is worth it.

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Design Comparison

In terms of design, Hero Destini 125 and Honda Activa 125 has got a bold appearance from the front with V-shaped chrome detailing. Whereas, the Access 125 gets a classic look with a retro-styled rounded headlight. The Hero Destini 125 has a stylish modern concept which is based on Duet 110.

suzuki access 125
suzuki access 125

The Activa 125 looks huskier from the side with appealing lines all over the body. All three 125cc scooters are equipped with chrome elements which offer a premium feel. Talking about the wheelbase, the Destini 125 wins with the likes with just 1,245mm, that makes it more efficient to handle. On the other hand, the Activa 125 and Access 125 stands at 1,260mm and 1,265mm of wheelbase, respectively.

When we compare the ground clearance, the Access 125 also has a slender improvement at 160mm. While the Destini and Activa come with a ground clearance of 155mm. Again, the Access succeeds when weight is compared. It weighs 102kg, while Activa and Destini weight 110kg and 111.5kg, individually.

Hero Destini 125 Suzuki Access 125 Honda Activa125
Kerb weight 111.5kg 101kg 108kg
Seat height 778mm 773mm 765mm
Wheelbase 1245mm 1265mm 1260m
Ground clearance 155mm 160mm 155mm

Features Comparision

Destini 125 is developed with a leading i3S technology which helps to maintain fuel efficiency. All these scooters sit on cast alloy wheels although, only the Activa 125 is outfitted with LED lamps. The Access and Activa sit on 12-inch front wheels and 10-inches rear tire while, the Destini, has 10-inch wheels at the rear as well as the front. Destini also features a visible fuel-filler cap, boot lamp, and USB charging ports.

Honda Activa 125
Honda Activa 125

All these scooters are outfitted with an all-digital analogue speedometer that shows odometer, trip meter and fuel level. Additionally, the Activa displays also displays clock and Destini 125 features a side stand indicator. However, these features are not present in Acess 125. Hero MotoCorp and Honda offers 130mm drum brakes in their scooters, whereas the Access comes with 120mm drums. The Activa and Access get front disc brake option, which is missing from Destini.

Mechanical Specs Comparision

The Hero Destini is powered by a 125cc motor which generates 8.7 bhp power and 10.2 Nm torque. While the Activa 125 draws power from a 124.9cc unit that delivers 8.5 bhp power and 10.5 Nm torque. Suzuki Access 125 has the least powerful engine assembly of the 124cc that makes 8.7 bhp power and 10.2 Nm torque. In spite of the small power source, Activa wins by producing larger torque figures.

Destini 125 Activa 125 Access 125
Engine 124.6cc 124.9cc 124cc
Power 8.7hp@6750rpm 8.5hp@6500rpm 8.7hp@6700rpm
Torque 10.2Nm@5000rpm 10.54Nm@5000rpm 10.2Nm@5000rpm

Comparing the fuel efficiency of each scooter, the Access 125 gets another point. Suzuki claims the fuel efficiency of 63kpl, Honda claims 54kpl and at finally, the Hero Destini at 51kpl. All three scooters are provided with telescopic front forks and rear hydraulic suspension.

Price Comparision

The all-new Hero Destini 125 is available at a most reasonable price of just Rs 54,650 for the LX variant and Rs 57,500 for the top-specs VX variant. Following the Destini, the Suzuki Access 125 comes at a price of Rs 55,666 for the drum variant and Rs 59,325 for the disc variant, which is slightly higher than Destini. On the other hand, the Honda Activa has got a price tag of Rs 59,921 which is the costliest among all three. All prices being, ex-showroom, Delhi.

Hero Destini 125 Honda Activa 125 Suzuki Access 125
Rs 54,650 (LX) Rs 59,921 (drum) Rs 55,666 (drum)
Rs 57,500 (VX) Rs 61,858 (drum alloy) Rs 58,350 (disc)
Rs 64,307 (disc) Rs 59,325 (disc with CBS)

Final Verdict

From the price front, Hero Destini 125 is better than other scooters in the range. Although, the price of Honda Activa is completely worth it as you get many high-end features like an integrated LED headlamp. Suzuki Access 125 is also a good option, but only due to its classic retro-styled design. Performance wise, Hero Destiny steals the show compared to other rivals in the country.

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S. Vishwakarma

S. Vishwakarma

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