Harley-Davidson has come up with another very interesting program for passionate enthusiasts, who aspire to work with Harley-Davidson. The Summer Internship program will offer you a great experience, lots of exposure and the chance to work with one of the best motorcycles brand.

Harley Davidson Unveils The Summer Internship Program For India

The Summer Internship Program is launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Harley-Davidson in India. Harley-Davidson assures you that this is the greatest internship you can apply for. This also comes after the success of the summer internship program conducted in the United States of America previous summer.

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Starting from 31 March 2019, anyone of you passionate and willing to take the internship can participate. And if you get selected we bet you it will be the best summers of your life. You’ll be an integral part of Harley Davidson marketing and social media team, and this is not like other internships, you’ll get to explore the roads and document your whole journey.

Harley Davidson Unveils The Summer Internship Program For India

Sajeev Rajasekharan, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson India commented on the occasion, “We are thrilled to launch the INTERN program in India for the first time. The Internship will be a great way to engage and build future Harley-Davidson riders, lending them a first-hand experience of the Harley-Davidson way of life. We are looking forward to the next few months where at the end of the selection process, three candidates will earn their place here to spend a whole month with us.”

Harley Davidson Unveils The Summer Internship Program For India

All of you must be wondering how to enrol into this amazing opportunity? It’s the age of digital media and that’s how you enrol in. You need to have a thing for adventures and should be able to convey your an adventure through stories. If you think you have all this in you, just describe what freedom means to you. It can be through a video, writing an essay, capturing a photo and making a college or anything that shows your creativity and makes you stand out other contestants, then just submit it to HarleyDavidson_India Instagram handle.

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