World’s most expensive motorcycle at Rs 12.8 Crore -Harley Davidson Blue Edition

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Harley Davidson Blue Edition

The Harley Davidson Blue Edition is a handmade motorbike par excellence delivered straight from the gods of automotive craftsmanship. It took over 2,500 hours of work to produce this one-of-a-kind motorcycle studded with 360 diamonds and adorned with gold and titanium plating all-around. The Blue Edition is essentially a Softail Slim S which Swiss custom motorcycle builder Bündnerbike has built and turned into Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue Edition along with jewellery brand Bucherer.

It took the watchmakers of Carl F. Bucherer, the jewellers of Bucherer Fine Jewellery and the specialists of Bündnerbike a year to design and produce the Harley-Davidson Blue Edition. A team of eight employees from both companies contributed all of their expertise. Each process from the welding and grounding to the polishing of every metal element on the bike is meticulously put together by hand. The complete frame of the motorcycle is welded seamlessly inch by inch and even the rims are custom-made. Most of the parts are also gold-plated for all its lustre, well why not?

Harley Davidson Blue Edition
Harley Davidson Blue Edition Rear Soft Tail

The cowhide saddle on the Blue Edition has been sewn by hand in Switzerland. Another special detail is the iridescent colour. A specific technique was employed to illuminate the Harley-Davidson in this intense blue. In a first step, the entire motorcycle was silver-plated after which six colour coatings were applied using a secret coating method.

The Dazzler rotating ring from the Bucherer Fine Jewellery collection has been artfully crafted to be mounted on the hand grips and forks. A larger version of the same ring is found on the left of the tank, and a six-prong Heaven solitaire ring on a retractable safe that is carefully protected by an armoured glass dome.

Harley Davidson Blue Edition
Bucherer Watch Encasing

The 100 hp motor has been illuminated with heat-resistant LEDs, making it the world’s first motorcycle to have a motor that is lit up from the inside. The rotating camshaft is visible through a window in the camshaft housing, as are the valve control and the gold-plated throttle valves.

Harley Davidson Blue Edition

With all of these exquisite elements, the Harley-Davidson Blue Edition is an asseveration to the soulful craftsmanship and intrication. Mechanically nothing has changed as the Blue Edition is powered by the same 1.8-litre air-cooled V-Twin producing 148Nm of torque and comes mated to a 6-speed gearbox. It is the perfect addition to your collection of private jets and Bugatti’s if you want a two-wheeled sculpture to signify your wealth.

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