Guy Beats Stig — Guy Martin Sets New Tractor World Speed Record

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new tractor world speed record

The Stig’s been beaten by a guy, not just any, but Guy Martin. Lorry mechanic turned motorcycle racer Guy Martin sets new tractor world speed record and clocked 135.1 mph or 217.5 km/h. The record was officially confirmed by the Guinness World Record.

The previous record was held by Stig from Top Gear when he set the record of achieving 140.45 km/h in 2018. Speaking of the tractor, Guy made some modifications to help the 44 mph machine to deliver more than 1000 bhp.

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new tractor world speed record
Guy Martin in the cockpit while setting the tractor world speed record

This was obviously achieved with some help, by Ricardo Engineering and some VR tech to get the aerodynamics right, and of course from Formula 1 designers, Williams Engineering. Guy Martin achieved a top speed of 153.7 mph (247.4 km/h) on the run, however, to set a record, an average of two runs were required and that stood at 135.1 mph.

Speaking of his achievement, Guy Martin said, “It was a proper privilege to be involved, so thank you very much to JCB and its engineering team, who got this tractor absolutely spot-on. Just look at it, they get stuff done, it’s brilliant, and it is still a working tractor, so could have gone straight into the nearest field to put in a shift.”

new tractor world speed record
Tractor world speed record exploded view

Guy Martin hold other records as well, such as the fastest man to travel on a gravity-powered snow sledge, soapbox, ride a motorcycle on the horizontal Wall of Death, and the British record for top speed in a hovercraft. The most well-known reason Guy is known for, however, is for his motorcycle racing at the Isle Of Man TT, which happens once a year and is regarded as the fastest road race in the world.

So here’s a peek at how the new tractor world speed record took place and what Guy had to say, along with the Guinness World Record officials.

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Rajkamal Narayanan

Rajkamal Narayanan

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