GTA V Offroad Battle – XUV 500 vs Fortuner vs Scorpio vs Endeavour

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GTA V Offroad Battle - XUV 500 vs Fortuner vs Scorpio vs Endeavour

A Sports utility vehicle (SUV) is “a car that combines elements of road-going passenger cars with features from off-road vehicles, such as raised ground clearance and four-wheel drive”. As with the going trend in India, they make up to 25% of the car market, coming only after hatchback and being more popular class than sedans.

GTA V Offroad Battle - XUV 500 vs Fortuner vs Scorpio vs Endeavour

People in India love their big SUVs. But opposite to the core use of SUVs, most of the people who buy them, use them on regular roads, city driving and highway runs. That is justified as the street presence and the sense of safety given by SUVs is unparalleled. Youtube is full of videos of Mahindra Scorpios and Fortuner going offroad. But how these cars will stack up in a game?

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GTA V Offroad Battle - XUV 500 vs Fortuner vs Scorpio vs Endeavour

A YouTuber with the name G5 gamers has made a video to just find out that. SUVs in action are one of the most famous and selling ones in India – Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra XUV 500, Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour. The offroad track is the San Chianski Mountain range in GTA V. First of let us be clear, the game physics are way different than real-life physics, and in no circumstances, these cars can tackle a mountain range, with the track as narrow for an only a mountain bike go through.

But this video just for fun, so let’s talk about that. First up to go on the hill is the Mahindra XUV 500, this is the only car with two-wheel drive in this video. The funny part is that in the game XUV 500 has rear-wheel drive but in real-world its and FWD. So it has the disadvantage their, it struggles quite a bit for traction at steep inclines with gravel. But finally makes it to the top.

Then comes the Mahindra Scorpio which performed better than the XUV due to higher ground clearance and 4-wheel drive, in real life that is true too as Scorpio is a better offroader compared to the XUV 500. Then came the famous Toyota, the Fortuner. With some messed up handling physics, it still made it to the top. The final car being the Ford Endeavour which performed the best in terms of performance and handling.

Engine noise was totally off, as they all felt like they have some petrol engine under the hood and not the big oil burners.

Verdict? Well in the game, The Ford Endeavour handled it the best, that holds true for in real life too, but as in the game, it showed the car to be a 3.2L variant, which is now discontinued. We are yet to see the real offroad performance of the new 2.0L engine with a 10-speed gearbox. Even the Fortuner and Scorpio handled it fairly well, IRL Fortuner will outshine the Scorpio in most of the offroad situations. While the weakest of the lot was the RWD XUV 500, and even weaker is the FWD XUV 500 which Mahindra offers, it’s only good for light offroad paths.

GTA V Offroad Battle - XUV 500 vs Fortuner vs Scorpio vs Endeavour

Watch the video below and take a moment to appreciate the design of the cars that has been nailed perfectly in the game. The alloy of the Scorpio, the grille, Ford Endeavour panoramic sunroof etc. Lets us know which will be your SUV of the choice to tackle such trails?

Source – G5 Gamers

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