[Video] Nissan GT-R caught on CCTV doing stunts in Delhi’s Vijay Chowk

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Nissan GT-R Doing Stunts in Vijay Chowk

Somebody was very clearly inspired by a bunch of car based movies. So very inspired that he/she thought it would be cool to go sliding in Country’s highly secured area. Case in point – A CCTV footage showing a R35 Nissan GT-R doing slides and burnouts in Delhi’s Vijay Chowk. Vijay Chowk is a prime area for many reasons. A lot of sensitive installations are in the vicinity – The Parliament and Rashtrapati Bhavan to name a few. It is also in close proximity to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s house.

So, naturally a large number of security personnel are posted in the area to ensure the safety of the high profile people and sensitive installations. Watch the video here

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The CCTV footage shows a time stamp of 04:30 in the morning and the area seems secluded. Police have not yet identified the culprit and have launched a massive manhunt. Police have, many a times arrested speeding bikers doing street races. But a supercar doing stunts in high-sensitive area – that’s unheard of. Given the rarity of such supercars in the country, expect the rogue driver to be nabbed soon.

The car was initially reported to be a sports car of a different make, but a review of the footage clarified the car as Nissan R35 GT-R. Doing stunts in uncontrolled or open roads is illegal. A car that is out of control is no different from a ballistic missile and the damage to life and property caused can be devastating.

Street racing, doing stunts on open roads is Illegal and dangerous. Always wear seat belts while driving your car and wear your helmets while on 2 Wheels. WheelBHP always advocates safe driving and riding practices.
About the Car

The R35 GT-R is a car with rich heritage. The car was launched in the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show and is fondly called the Godzilla. Hands down, the GT-R could beat many supercars costing more than itself. The engine is a 3.8L VR38DETT V6 with a twin-turbo setup. It produces a mouth-watering 570 PS in standard trim and a monstrous 600 PS in the NISMO variant. Only four people, known as Takumi are qualified to build the GT-R’s engine – and each engine is completely hand-built by only one person.

Video: Courtesy of Hindustan Times

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