GoZero Mobility – British electric bike makers enters Indian market

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GoZero Mobility - British electric bike makers enters Indian market

GoZero Mobility is a Britain based electric bike manufacturers. They make premium electric performance bikes and signature lifestyle merchandise. After one year of design and technology development in the UK, the company has entered the Indian market space.

GoZero Mobility has launched two of their flagship products in India – “One” and “Mile”. It is available only in Delhi as of now but will also launch in the rest of the country later. The company has also partnered with Kirti Solar for the development and manufacturing of current and future products. The Kolkata based company has also invested $250,000 in GoZero Mobility. Manufacturing is going to take place from Kolkata, West Bengal with an initial capacity of 20,000 units per annum. The partnership is for the global market & aimed to make India an export hub for global sales of GoZero E-Bikes.

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GoZero Mobility “One” and “Mile”

GoZero Mobility - British electric bike makers enters Indian market

The GoZero One feature a 400Wh lithium battery which makes for an impressive range of 60kms on a single charge. On the other hand, the GoZero Mile gets a 300Wh battery which is good for a range of 45kms. Both the bikes also offer multiple modes of riding – throttle, pedal assist, cruise mode, walk mode, and manual pedal.

Bicycle Industry in the country is a high potential industry with huge opportunities. The bicycle market in India today is of 16.5 lakh units and the premium market is only 350,000. The company says that this is a growth market and also many brands are trying to creating new initiatives to promote and sell.

GoZero has both online sales and offline distributors/dealers. The company also has experience zones in the major cities. It is also planning to open 18 experience centers and a network of over 1000 retailers in the next two years. The Mile costs Rs 29,999 and the One costs Rs 32,999. The company expects to sell 3000 units of One and 75,000 units of Mile in the next 5 years.



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