Government Banned Trucks Carrying Construction Material, Waste Uncovered

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Government Banned Trucks Carrying Construction Material, Waste Uncovered

The government has made it an offence under the motor vehicles law to carry construction materials and waste in open trucks. The enforcement of the new norm will strengthen the enforcement of guidelines notified by the environment ministry earlier this year to reduce of dust from construction materials and demolition. From now on any vehicles carrying construction material and waste without any cover will be banned the traffic police and the transport department personnel are instruction to take actions against them.

The road transport ministry has added a new condition to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules [CMVR] saying, “All goods carriage vehicles shall carry goods in a closed body of the vehicles shall carry goods in a closed body of the vehicle or container… If it is necessary to carry goods in open bodies, goods shall be covered by using appropriate cover like tarpaulin or any other suitable material.”

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A ministry official said, “No specific norm in the CMVR was a cause of nuisance so far as vehicles carrying construction material or garbage without covers. Now traffic police and transport department personnel can take action against the violators. The new norm has become applicable from November 2.”

Besides this, the trucks carrying good will have to affix reflective tapes at the front and rear for easy detection at night. According to the recently introduced norms of the Road Transport Ministry, all the trucks carrying harmful goods will have to get painted white. Moreover, the government has also made the two driver norm mandatory. The long haul National Permit trucks must have two drivers per truck. The government has introduced this norm to reduce the chances of accident due to fatigue while driving over long distances. However, the government has made a relaxation in the fitness test of the vehicles. The vehicles will no longer have to undergo fitness test during registration. The trucks over two years of age will have to undergo the fitness test every alternate year till eight years and thereafter the vehicle will have to undergo the fitness test each year.

The Central Government Officials said, “The regulatory norms of annual fitness certificates and two driver norm had become a major source of corruption for local personnel of transport departments.” However, a source reported that rationalizing fitness and double driver would reduce corruption in road transport sector by at least Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 crore.

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