Fuel Pumps Update Dispensers To Display Three-Digit Petrol Prices

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Fuel Pumps Update Dispensers To Display Three-Digit Petrol Prices

We all know the current fuel price condition of India. The whole country including fuel pumps is suffering from the sudden price hike of fuel prices. The Government has yet to take necessary measures in this issue. Not only the citizens, but the fuel station owners are also reporting certain problems relating to this severe issue. Till now, the price of petrol has already passed the Rs. 90 mark in many towns and many peoples assume that the prices will soon touch Rs. 100 mark. Now, the major issue is that the fuel distributors in India have machines which show the three-digit figure of the fuel.

However, there are few pumps who already have modern machines installed, whereas, many old dispensers which are not capable of displaying a three-digit figure. So, for showing the accurate prices if it goes above Rs 100/ liter, the distributors are bound to upgrade the dispensers. Many peoples are worrying about the future results of the fuel price hike. The fuel pumps in India, update the prices daily in accordance with a central server.

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The petrol and diesel prices have crossed Rs 90 mark for the first time ever in various towns. As per a report, some petrol pump owners have claimed that they are uncertain about the capacity of the existing machines to register three-digit prices. In the recent week, the prices of petrol hiked to Rs 90.22/ liter and diesel Rs 78.69 in Mumbai. In India’s capital territory, the prices of petrol and diesel have reached Rs 82.86 and Rs 74.12/ liter, each.

So, what’s the reason for this extreme situation? On Tuesday, the crude oil reached $82 a barrel, and dealers expect $100 by next year, domestic fuel prices are anticipated to increase moreover. Another reason could be the reduction in the rate of rupee upon the US dollar which highly influenced the petrol and diesel rates in India. The oil corporations have not announced their plans to renew the fuel dispensers, but we expect this to happen soon to avoid confusions among customers.

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S. Vishwakarma

S. Vishwakarma

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