Bronco SUV By Ford Finally Makes An Appearance At A Dealer Event

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Bronco SUV By Ford Finally Makes An Appearance At A Dealer Event Image Source : Autocar

The retro SUV Bronco, has been in the headlines for quite some time now. And now finally after all this wait, the first image of the car is up on the internet. The image has surfaced from the dealer meeting that was held by Ford, where photos of the retro wonder was portrayed.

Its not the first time that the Bronco is on sale, it has its history, back during 1966 to 1996, which is 22 years ago. The larger platform of the older version, also shared with F-150, has apparently been replaced in the younger model by smaller underpinnings., somewhat like the Ranger pickup and Endeavour (Everest) SUV. The five exit SUV has some serious style goals, which is giving it some eye-turning review. The front is adorned with LED DRLs, which has been borrowed from the first generation SUV. The Ford logo on the grille also looks classy. The boxy side profile has characteristic lines with blackened bits making it superior in all senses. The styling and design are worth a million bucks any day. The contrasting white roof featuring an upward kink on the shoulder line followed by the C-pillar. The singe picture was not enough to make out the surprises it holds at its back but we can just predict it to have LED tail lamps which are large and vertical going by just sneak peaks. The fair amount of ground clearance owes itself to the black alloy wheels with heavy tyres.

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Engine options are not yet known, but the four wheel driven SUV is expected to have a 2.3 liter Eco-Boost turbo petrol engine together with a six speed automatic gearbox. Hybrid engines are also not entirely striked off the list.

Well the Indians do not have anything to be much excited about, but the Endeavour is all set to release a mid cycle update, anytime in the coming year.

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