New Force for the Indian Army in making

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Force Gurkha LSV

Of late, the Indian Army has been revamping and replacing its vehicle fleet. The army has started to replace the aging Maruti Gypsy with the Tata Safari Storme under the GS800 Category. The Gypsy served both as a personnel carrier and in combat roles for a good part of 3 decades. The Tata Safari Storme, which replaces the Gypsy will be more of a personnel carrier. Last year, the Army has started to acquire Force Gurkha based LSV(Light Strike Vehicles) for Combat roles. These were a result of boosting the “Make In India” initiative.

The New and Light Force

However, a new lightweight, 5 door vehicle, based on the Force Gurkha has been spotted on testing in Pune. The vehicle had army green paint and soft top canopy. There was roll-down fabric in place of doors. The front end had a special bumper with blackout marker lights mounted on them. A winch is also seen attached to the front bumper. The number plate read “On Test”.

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Force Gurkha LSV
Force Gurkha LSV spotted testing

The front windshield is a foldable unit, suggesting that the Vehicle is designed to be airlifted by helicopters. This will give the ability for the vehicle to be inserted into enemy territory and be used as a fast strike vehicle. The vehicle also sports a high ground clearance for go-anywhere ability. The high ground clearance also comes handy in easy ingress into and egress out of the vehicle.

Force Gurkha LSV
Force Gurkha LSV Spotted testing

When it comes to off-roading, only a few vehicles can match the Force Gurkha’s prowess. It has a tried and tested 4X4 system with locking differentials on both the axles. Two engine options are available on the Gurkha. A 4 Cylinder, 2.2L engine (140 hp/321 Nm) and a 4 Cylinder, 2.6L engine(85 hp/230 Nm).

Force Gurkha LSV
Force Gurkha LSV spotted tesing

Interestingly, the Force Gurkha shares its tubular chasis and a lot of other components with the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon. Force Motors also assembles engines and axles for Mercedes-Benz in India.

Source: Anup Kulkarni (4×4 India)

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