Hyundai Kona – Five things to know about

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Hyundai Kona EV arriving in Indian Shores by 2019 with Two Variants ?

Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are the way forward. In a bid to save planet earth from climate change, Global warming, and related issues, Automakers and Governments are mulling for renewable fuel-powered vehicles.

Though global markets might tell a different story, when it comes to cars and in particular EV’s India is a different market altogether. Cost plays a major factor – followed by the availability of charging infrastructure. But things are set to change with the Indian Government’s push for electric vehicles. A lot of Manufacturers are working on Electric versions of their models. Hyundai is one step ahead and it launched the country’s first fully electric vehicle – The Kona. Here are five things to know about it.

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Battery life and Range

The battery in the Hyundai Kona will last for about 2000 charging cycles – according to Hyundai. That translates more than 10 years of battery life before it needs replacement – that is if you charge very frequently. Kona is offered with 39kWh battery pack – which offers a range of 452 Km as certified by ARAI. The WLTP range for the same setup is 289 kms. We have to wait until the real world test reveals the true number.

Performance figures

There are a lot of aerodynamic elements in the Kona such as closed grille, optimized wheels and underbody. Oh and it also has an active air flap in the front bumper!

Power – 136 PS
Torque – 395Nm
0-100 – 9.7 seconds
Top speed – 154 Km/h

Maintenance costs

This is a major factor in determining the success or failure of the ownership. Hyundai hints that the annual maintenance costs for the Kona will hover around INR 8000 – which for a premium car is pretty surprising. The running cost is also touted to be 80% lower than an equivalent petrol car. The per kilometre running cost is about 90 paise. Kona’s battery pack comes with 1.6 lakh Km / 8 year warranty – both are huge numbers.

All sorts of Plugging-in

When the Kona runs out of Juice, there are more than one ways to charge it. Fast charging will restore about 80% of the charge in an hour while home charging takes about 6-7 hours. There is also a portable charger – which will take upto 18 hours for a full charge. The Kona consumes about 39 units of electricity for a full charge. The fast charging stations will be available at select IOC petrol pumps and Hyundai dealerships. There is also car charging features – where one Kona can charge the other Kona. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

Cost and GST reduction

At present, the Kona is available in only 11 cities and is priced at INR 25.3 Lakhs. It could soon go down – by about INR 1.5 lakhs when the GST reduction from 12% to 5% is implemented.

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