Fiat to quit Indian Market this year – closing all operations soon

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Fiat to quit Indian Market this year - closing all operations soon

FCA is finally pulling the plug on Fiat in the Indian Market. They will shut down all operations in India soon. This news comes in light of stricter safety and emission norms by the government.

Currently, Fiat’s line-up includes the Linea and the Punto. Also, there are the derivatives like the hot hatch Abarth Punto and crossover Punto Aventura. They are not selling in good numbers either. Reports show that Fiat has sold a grand total of 101 units.

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Fiat to quit Indian Market this year - closing all operations soon

There is no investment from the company towards these cars. Both the Linea and the Punto have not been updated for a long time. This puts them in a major disadvantage against the new safety and emission norms. To revive the brand, they will have to bring in some major changes. This includes bringing a completely new range of models and engine. This will cost FCA millions of dollars. However, considering the poor market share the company thinks its not a viable option.

Future plans for FCA in India after Fiat

FCA announced recently that they plan to focus more on the Jeep brand and will discontinue both the Fiat offerings. They know that both the cars will fail the crash test norms coming in to effect from October 2019. The dealers are also instructed to sell the non ABS models before April 2019.

This move also means that Fiat will discontinue their 1.3-liter Multijet diesel engine as well. This engine also powers many cars from companies like Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors. It will be interesting to see how this affects these companies too.

This means the end of a long time in India for Fiat. The end of an era as many would like to say. The brand will be remembered by many motoring enthusiasts across the country.

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