EV Number Plates Are To Go Green And Bring In Benefits

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Image Source : Auto.NDTV.com

Electric Vehicles (EV) are environment friendly and causes less pollution and comes much cheaper than fossil fuel powered ones. Lack of charging infrastructure or the long time taken to charge them are the main reasons behind the customers preferring the traditionally fueled cars. The Government has finally taken initiative to make EV s more convenient for the customers.

The Government has approved the use of green number plates for EV s, where the numbers would be written in white for personal cars and the numbers would be in yellow for the commercial vehicles. Along with the green number plates comes a lot of benefits like concession on toll charges and preference over other vehicles in case of a congested parking lot. Such steps are taken to make Indians adopt Electric Vehicles over the other vehicles. It will be the fifth type of license plate meant for vehicles owned by civilians in India.

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“The government has approved distinctive green licence plates for electric vehicles in order to encourage people to use electric vehicles,” Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road, Transport and Highways, told PTI. All public transport operators may also be mandated to have a certain percentage of electric vehicles in their fleet, says a PTI report. “The government is also contemplating to ask taxi aggregators to have an incremental share of electric vehicles from 2020 onward, which could be 1 percent of the fleet every year,” the minister added.

Gadkari also mentioned that, fuel efficiency norms are going to be stricter and there will be 12% reduction in GST on batteries. the government is also thinking of allowing the age group of 16-18 years drive electric scooters. “Exemption from permit will be a game changer as restricted permit regime is a major concern. E-rickshaw growth is attributable to the permit exemption and there is scope to extend the exemption to the e-buses, e-taxis, e-autos and e-bikes. E-auto and e-buses may have a big impact since getting a new permit is extremely difficult,” the minister said. 24 million vehicles were sold in India in 2017-2018, but only 1 % of them were EV s. Right now India has 1-1.5 lakhs EVs, and is expected to grow 5% in the next five years.

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