Emflux Two and Two+ announced – more affordable electric streetfighters

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Bengaluru based Emflux motors celebrated Independence day with an announcement – two brand new motorcycles. Emflux One, which is still underway, made news for being India’s first electric superbike. Now, the company is already announcing its next product – Emflux Two.

Along with the announcement, the company also gave us another teaser image for the new Emflux Two and Two+. Yes, there are two new models of the same gene. The Emflux Two is the more affordable option and the Two+ is the more performance oriented option. The image shows an aggressive styling design for the new motorcycles. It gets a sharp and futuristic headlight design along with raised handlebars for a streetfighter feel.

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The company also revealed some performance numbers of the two new motorcycles. The Emflux Two has a top speed of 160km. It can also accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in just 4.5 seconds. Also, the range is rated at 160kms. The more expensive Two+, on the other hand, gets a higher top speed of 180kmph. It is also quicker to do a 0-100kmph sprint in just 3. 6 secs. The range is also higher at 200kms.

But, where is the Emflux One?

The company also took this opportunity to give us an update on the Emflux One. The company said in a post, “The Emflux ONE is an Electric Superbike that’s being indigenously developed in-house from scratch by a young team of Designers and Engineers in Bangalore. Building a product from the ground up is a task that requires tremendous amounts of skill, care, attention, and iteration, and this increases ten-fold in the case of a motorcycle. Every single thing is critical when it comes to design and engineering, considering that one tiny detail overlooked or one small component badly engineered by the company could prove fatal to the consumer. The list of problems to be solved is nearly endless, and getting through all of this takes time.”

August 15th is here, and it's time to make our announcement, as promised. However, instead of making this announcement a…

Gepostet von Emflux Motors am Donnerstag, 15. August 2019


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Amith Gowda

Amith Gowda

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