Watch an Electric Ford F150 pull loaded train carriages [video]

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The Tesla pick-up truck made headlines after Elon Musk announced that the all-electric truck can pull a massive 1,30,00 kgs. This is a never seen before number in the world of trucks until now. Traditional IC trucks can pull weights in around the range of 15,000 kgs. However, a new video by Ford shows an electric Ford F150 prototype pulling a ginormous 4,50,000 kgs.

Yes, you heard it right. An electric pick-up truck capable of pulling 5,00,000 kgs of payload. In the video, we can first see the Ford F150 prototype first pull 10 carriage cars. We can see the truck pull this without any hiccups whatsoever. A thousand feet later the truck comes to a stop as if nothing happened at all.

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As if this was not enough, they load the carriages with 42 of the Ford F150s to add even more weight. 42 trucks to symbolize 42 years of their history, that’s a nice touch! Even with the added weight, which now totals up to 5,60,000 kgs, the truck handled it seamlessly. That is definitely an impressive feat.



Until now the record belonged to Tesla’s Model X which easily pull a Boeing 787 which weighs way over 1,00,000 kgs. We also recently saw an electric Mini Cooper S pull a 150-ton Boeing 777F.

All’s not bells and whistles, unfortunately. Pulling such heavy loads vastly depletes the batteries and hence reduces the range. However, Ford also cautions to never exceed the maximum mentioned payload and that this was a controlled experiment performed by professionals.

Electric definitely seems to be the way forward even for trucks. We now have the electric Ford F150, the Tesla pick-up truck and also the Rivian pick-up truck in the making.

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