Recently a senior company official of the state run Energy Efficiency Services (EESL) proclaimed that they have been planning to invest around Rs 2400 crore to procure 20000 electric vehicles for the government use by March 2019. Along with Maharashtra and Gujarat they are going to sign a memorandum of understandings (MoUs) to supply 1000 and 8000 vehicles respectively.The company also signed another MoU with Andhra Pradesh for supplying 10000 cars last month.

EESL Managing Director Saurabh Kumar briefed ,”We have got a good response for this project. Already, 100 electric vehicles are operational in Delhi. In total, we will be procuring 20,000 electric vehicles by March 2019 and we are investing around ₹ 2,400 crore for buying them.” He further added, “The tender process is progressing well and we would be soon entering into agreements with Maharashtra and Gujarat.”
EESL Joint Venture To Bring 20000 EVs By March 2019
EESL Joint Venture To Bring 20000 EVs By March 2019
The public sectors NTPC, Power Finance Corporation, Rural Electrification and PowerGrid Corporation along with EESL is a joint venture. Last Year the company issued a tender for 10000 electric vehicles  to replace the government’s fleet in line with a vision to switch to 100% electric mobility by 2030. The tender speaks of 500 vehicles to be procured in phase one and the rest in the second phase was reportedly won by Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra. Mahindra delivered the first set of its e-Verito sedans to EESL on November 15, 2017 followed by Tata Motors ,which delivered their Tiger Electric Sedans on 14th December,2017. The tender for the second round is out and is likely to attract more such participants.
The EESL expects to reduce 5 crore liters of fuel consumption every year with this pact, which will reduce the annual rate of carbon dioxide emission by 5.6 lakhs tonnes.They ave also drawn the blueprint to set up charging stations all throughout the map. “We have already laid down 2500 charging stations in Delhi and a tender has been floated to set up an additional 2500 stations across the country, ” are the words of Kumar.

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