Automobile paint specialist Durr has developed a fundamentally new concept in vehicle drying with EcoInCure for its client, Byton FMC to construct a completely new paint shop in Nanjing. EcoInCure – an innovative car body curing of the inside will be designed for 150,000 vehicles per year i.e. equivalent to 30 units per hour. The primary features of the paint shop will be the reduction in footprint by 20% and the use of pioneering technologies.

In this new concept, automotive bodies are heated from the inside out by two jet nozzles through the opening for the windshield and two nozzles directed into the engine compartment opening. This enables unprecedented uniformity of heating. Compared with conventional ovens, there is also a significant improvement in top-coat quality and process performance – because heating from the inside out reduces the risk of pinholing. In addition, minimized flow velocities along the freshly painted surfaces ensure a completely undisrupted topcoat appearance.

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Durr’s scope of delivery for the new paint shop for Byton FMC includes the RoDip® rotational dip process for pretreatment and electrocoating – already equipped for 60 units per hour – as well as all the robotic and application technology for the sealing and painting processes. The electrocoating stage uses the energy-saving and fail-safe system EcoDC MACS. This technology uses its modular anode control to create a voltage profile in the tank that moves with the body. The robots in the spray booths are equipped with the latest EcoBell 3 atomizer generation. The semi-automatic EcoDryX dry separation system, which separates the overspray in the paint booths for primer and top coat, requires absolutely no water or chemicals. This simple and robust technology works on the basis of cardboard filters.

In addition, Durr is designing a downstream exhaust air purification system made up of the highly efficient Ecopure® KPR VOC adsorptive concentration system with combined thermal exhaust air purification using the Ecopure® RTO.

The scope of delivery of the order placed at the beginning of 2018 includes material feeding for PVC and paint, shop ventilation, fire protection for the process systems, and a reverse-osmosis plant to reduce the water hardness. The exhaust air from the ovens is purified via the Ecopure® TAR recuperative thermal process, which also provides all the heat for heating the oven in an energy-efficient way.


Despite the extensive equipment, the design of the plant will be very compact and space saving – also thanks to EcoInCure. This is because the oven transports bodies transversely, halving its length compared to conventional systems. In addition, a central high-bay warehouse saves the space required for multiple intermediate buffers and enables intelligent material flow control. All in all, this Eco+Layout from Durr reduces the paint shop’s footprint by 20 percent.

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