eBuzz K6 LuXe- ‘Made in India’ electric luxury bus by Olectra Greentech

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eBuzz K6 LuXe- 'Made in India' electric luxury bus by Olectra Greentech

Olectra Greentech Limited just launched its first luxury electric bus, the eBuzz K6 LuXe. This is the first of its kind to be manufactured in India. Olectra Greentech aims to provide a luxurious and comfortable ride to the passengers with its air-conditioned minibus. The zero-emission electric bus is also the first of its kind to ply on Indian roads.

The 7-meter electric bus has a seating capacity of 11 plus the driver. It offers smooth riding experience to the passengers regardless of the road condition. Olectra Greentech will manufacture this bus in India with the help of a strategic tie-up with BYD Auto Industry Co. Ltd. BYD Auto Industry is one of the world’s largest electric vehicle company.

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Comfort, Safety, and power:

The eBuzz K6 LuXe runs with the help of 180kW motor which produces up to 1800Nm torque. The bus comes with monocoque chassis and front and rear air suspensions to offer a plush ride. It doesn’t skimp on safety either. It gets front and rear disc brakes with ABS, CCTV Surveillance, real-time tracking, passenger information system, seat belts, short circuit protection, battery over-temperature protection and lightning protection. The interior also gets premium recliner leather seats to make long hauls a breeze.

A lithium-ion battery powers the bus, which allows a maximum range of more than 200 kilometers on a single charge. The battery also charges within 3-4 hours. Regenerative braking also makes its way. This recovers a part of the kinetic energy lost in braking. The bus has an electronic speed limit of 80kmph, following the Motor Vehicle Act guidelines.

Mr. N. Nagasatyam, Executive Director – Olectra Greentech Ltd. said, “Olectra-BYD is a pioneer in the Electric Public Transport System in India. The new eBuzz K6 LuXe enables us to tap the high- end customers looking for an eco-friendly and comfortable road transport option. We are proud to enable the country to adopt Electric Mobility much faster and reap the benefits of our eco-friendly Zero emission electric Buses which are also equipped to travel in any kind of terrains as present in the diverse geographies in the country.”

eBuzz K9

National Reach:

Olectra Greentech has already supplied 25 of these buses to HRTC and 6 to BEST. They are also the winners of the bid to supply 200+ electric buses to major STUs. Their K7 is India’s first commercially running Electric Bus. It operates Kullu-Manali under HRTC. Olectra-BYD boasts about saving almost 320 tonnes of CO2 emissions in their 3 million plus kilometers run time on Indian roads.

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