E Trio Secures ARAI Approval For Retrofitting In Alto and Wagon R

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E Trio Secures ARAI Approval For Retrofitting In Alto and Wagon R

Automobile startups are a thing these days, and when it comes to e-vehicles it is surely a hotcake. Such a startup is the E trio Automobiles which is planning on bringing up retrofitted cars in the electric vehicles genre in India. E Trio is a Telengana based company which is the first to secure ARAI approval for retrofitted kits in Alto and Wagon R.

“Retrofitting is the way to go and need of the hour and these smart cars currently are the most efficient and economical cars compared to our counterparts in the market. Our vision is to create e-Mobility which inspires & nurtures pollution free India. We believe that affordable range is the key to helping electro mobility achieve a breakthrough in the near future,” are the words of the young CEO and Founder Sathya Yalamanchili.

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1000 cars in a month is the capacity of the factory and it is all set to sell retrofitted kits and cars in the market. The in-house developed Controller works on the retrofitted kits which finds its source in China and Korea. The testing process had begun two years back and now they can confidently achieve their short term target of rolling out 5000 cars by the end of the coming year. The long term goal of the company is a noble one, 100% EV market by 2030. These cars can do away altogether with the gear system and the acceleration is ensured to be smooth as butter. The already approved Wagon R and Alto can touch the speed of 150 km/hr in a single charge whereas the rest of them is capable of producing 210 km/hr.

The Stanford Alumni headed SFO’s Research and Development team is working together with the E Trio, providing guidance and planning to secure approval for the most popular automobiles on the Indian highway. Leading manufacturers from Japan and Thailand has also decided to participate in a conversation and discussing the future of EVs.

The happy side effects like improved safety, maximum noise control and superior riding capacity will be gladly welcomed by the users. In fact these cars can be charged at any hour and on any part of the globe which will make them highly convenient for the rider. The maintenance cost of these cars will be minimal as ensured by the EV startup.

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