Delhi to London in a Fortuner – 131 days and 36500 kms.

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Fortuner Delhi to London

Saint Augustine said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”. While most of us find it difficult to read a few pages, Amarjeet Singh has managed to read quite a few chapters.

He has traveled from Delhi to London, in his Toyota Fortuner. The epic journey, which many only dreams of, took Mr. Amarjeet Singh 131 days and 36,500 Kms to complete. He started his journey from Delhi on July 7th, 2018 and completed his trip on December 16th, 2018. Mr. Singh, who has retired from his family’s textile business said it took him 40 years to achieve his dream. It took him about 3 months to complete all the necessary formalities, paperwork, and permits.

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Amarjeet Singh with Fortuner
Amarjeet Singh with Fortuner

The desire to travel struck him when he met a German couple, who were backpacking in India during 1979. When he was about 20, he desired to travel to Germany along with his friend, on a motorcycle. But his father had a say against it. He was again smitten by the travel bug when he was free after his retirement.

Mr. Singh wrote on Instagram “A dream – a dream to travel by road and to capture it through the lenses – it was a vision before, it’s reality now. A reality which I wanted to conquer, and I am almost near my goal! Delhi to London, it’s not a trip, it’s a journey, full of fun, excitement, emotions and a lot more which is hard to put in words. “

Elated on accomplishing his dream Delhi to London drive, Mr. Singh wrote on Instagram “Finally we reached London after crossing 30 countries, covering 36,500 Km in 131 days! This is not the end, this marks a starting to more such journeys, more stories, and more dreams.” He also told he felt surreal on reaching London.

Arnold Signing the Fortuner
Arnold Signing the Fortuner

He said One of the most satisfying experiences of the Delhi to London trip was meeting the German couple who inspired Singh to travel. Mr. Singh met them at their residence in Germany. He also met a lot of celebrities during his journey, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was busy filming for Terminator 4 in Budapest, Hungary.

Mr. Singh has now even bigger plans and wants to travel all the 7 continents in his SUV. He sends out the following message to all, especially youngsters, “Follow your passion, no matter how late they feel it is now pursue the dream”.

Images, courtesy of The Turban Traveller

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