A team from Kriti Nagar Police Station arrested the gang of the three men consisting of Mohommad Arif of age 22 years, Mohommad Kallu of the same age and Mohommad Amir of age 23 years. All the three of the gang were from Meerut and the trio mainly targeted at the luxury cars and the SUVs. The Delhi Police arrested three car lifters while they were fleeing with another luxury car from a high society. The Delhi Police said, “The trio stole at least 25 vehicles in the last five days alone.”

DCP (west) Monika Bhardwaj said considering the recent rise in vehicle thefts in the capital, a team led by SHO Kirti Nagar, Anil Sharma, was formed. “On November 11, two luxury cars were stolen from Kirti Nagar. The team followed up on the case and conducted several raids,” Bhardwaj said. With the help of GPS installed in one of the stolen cars, the team got on to the gang’s trail. What followed was a chase of nearly 390km, which finally led them to a dumpyard in Aurangabad. “Without wasting any time, the team conducted a raid there. The trio, on seeing the police, ran towards the paddy fields, but were chased down,” Bhardwaj said.

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Delhi Police Got Hold Of Three Car Lifters After A Chase Of 390 Km Image Source - Indiatimes
Delhi Police Got Hold Of Three Car Lifters After A Chase Of 390 Km
Image Source – Indiatimes

The Delhi Police claimed to have solved over 10,000 vehicle theft cases in three years after getting the hold of the three car lifters. The accused told the police that after stealing the vehicles, they would tamper with the chassis number, engine and the number plates and then dispose of the cars in various states. The accused also told the Delhi police that they usually targeted luxury cars, but if there was an easy catch, the gang did not feel shy of stealing smaller vehicles too.

The gang of the car lifters would steal the luxury cars and the SUVs from Delhi and then dispose of the cars in Odisha, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. After obtaining the information from the accused, five stolen cars including two Fortuners and Cretas were brought under the custody of the Delhi Police. The Delhi Police said, “They were on the lookout for more people who could have assisted the three men.”

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