Coronavirus: India goes into Lock down – What is available and what is not

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As the countries around the globe continue to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic, the government of India has announced a 21-day lockdown of the entire country. Section 144 has been imposed all over and borders of states and districts have been sealed, allowing only for essential transportation. Public transport, air, rail and bus services are also shut down to prevent the community spread of the deadly virus.

With the lockdown coming into effect from midnight on 25th of March, here is the list of services/offices that will run and that will not

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  • All the Government offices (state and central), their subordinate offices, public corporations shall remain closed
  • Essential services such as Defence, Armed police forces, treasury, public utilities (Petroleum, LPG, CNG, PNG), disaster management, early warning systems, power generation, and transmission units, Post offices, national informatics center, electricity, water, and sanitation boards, municipal offices shall continue to function with only minimum essential staff
  • Hospital, Ambulances, Pharmacies and related medical establishments – including manufacturing and distribution units (both public and private), clinic, labs shall remain operational.
  • Transportation of medical personnel, necessary medical supplies, and hospital equipment are permitted.
  • All commercial and industrial establishments shall be closed.
  • Hospitality services are to be closed
  • All transport services are to be suspended – air, rail, road and public transport
  • All Educational, research, training, and coaching institutions shall remain closed
  • All places of worship shall remain closed. No religious gathering shall be permitted

What will remain open and operational during the lockdown?

    • Ration shops (PDS) and shops dealing with groceries, fruits and vegetable shops, milk booths, meat and fish, animal fodder, restaurants (Only take away – no dining).
    • Banks and ATMs (only essential services are provided with reduced working hours and reduced staff. People are highly encouraged to use online services whenever possible)
    • Electronic and print media, telecommunications, internet service providers, broadcasting and cable services
    • Delivery of essential goods  – foods, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment through e-commerce.
    • Petrol pumps, petroleum, LPG and gas storage, and retail outlets
    • Electricity generation, transmission and distribution units, and services
    • Capital and debt market services – as notified by SEBI
    • Private security
    • Cold storage and warehousing facilities
    • Manufacturing units of essential commodities – and that require continuous process shall function after obtaining necessary permission
    • Transportation for essential goods, Fire, law and order, and emergency services.
    • Hotels, lodges, homestays, motels that are accommodating people stranded during the lockdown, medical and emergency staff, air and sea crew.
    • Establishments used for quarantine purposes.

If you happen to have arrived to India after 15-FEB-2020, and all other persons have directed by health authorities are to remain under strict home/institutional quarantine for the defined period. People violating these directives are liable to be prosecuted under section 188 of the IPC. It is highly advised to follow the government directives and take all the precautionary measures to stay safe during this time of crisis. Nobody is alone. We are all together in this battle and it can be won only if everyone plays their part with perfection. Let us all do our part by staying home and protecting our loved ones.

WheelBHP salutes the Real Heroes – Doctors, nurses, other healthcare and sanitation workers, police personnel, public administration who put their lives at the line so that we can stay safe.

Follow the website for updates on India’s fight against COVID-19.

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